Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tactic Games "Roll for Gold" - Play and Say Review

The lovely people at blog-match.com set me up with my first review from Tactic games. (www.tactic.net)

They sent me two board games, called "Roll for Gold" and "Dotto".

Roll for Gold is aimed at children age 7 years and older and Dotto 6+.

Both perfect for Beanie, who I have to admit is a bit of a game guru! He loves board games and likes the old ones the best, the ones me and moors-daddy used to play when we were little, so this was a real test.

We started with Roll for Gold, he liked the fact that you could choose which side of the playing board was face up, and after about five minutes of going over the instructions (they did confuse us a bit) we understood what the aim of the game was and how to play.

You set up the dishes into the holes and each player has two dice of the same colour. You also have three small coins each. To start you all roll your dice and the lowest score starts by pushing the dice in the middle of the board, which gives you your instructions to either throw, one or both of your dice, one or both of an opponents or one of yours and one of your opponents. The two coloured dice that each player has in their dish has different numbers of skulls on it and a parrot, the parrot equalling 5. The aim is to get the highest score on your dice before someone throws Blackbeard's Ghost on the central dice. When Blackbeard appears, the person with the highest score on their dice gets a big coin. Little coins that you start the game are worth 1 and the big coin 5, and the aim and how to win the game is to be the first person to get to 21 coins.

Once we got into it, it was really good, it didn't take long for the three of us to get competitive and Beanie very quickly learnt to be tactical and throw either mine or moors-daddy's parrot to lower our score.

It was a quick game lasting about 15 minutes, which is great for people like us who seem to be constantly busy, but it could be fitted easily into family life.

Beanie loved it, he really liked the pirate theme and played it again with moors-daddy before school the next morning!

Both games are available from www.carouseltoyshop.co.uk

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