Sunday, 22 April 2012

Whiskas Review for Monster Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies - Monster Pet Supplies

The lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies, enlisted the help of my beautiful boys to help review some products from Whiskas.
When I say my "beautiful boys" I am obviously talking about the three furry ones and not my kids!
They sent me a gorgeous package, in a beautiful box, that consisted of four different items.

  • Two packets of Whiskas Adult Bite and Chew Cat Food - Chicken Flavour.
  • Two packets of Whiskas Adult Cat Food - 1x Salmon and 1x Prawn Flavour.
  • Two bottles of Cat Milk.
  • One packet of Dreamies Cat treats.
All of the Whiskas products can be found on their website here.

Our cats all eat together, out of the same bowl. In this sense they are not fussy, they all get along and rarely eat at the same time, so it works for us, though I know many cats wouldn't and would insist on their own bowls.

Ours are however fussy about what they eat.

We do not usually buy the sachets of cat food as with three cats this works out very expensive and we tend to go for own brand products or branded products that are on offer. So the sachets were something different for our three.

Indy was the first cat to try the sachets and is probably the least fussy of the three. I gave him one of the Bite and Chew Chicken flavour sachets and he devoured it instantly. The food itself had big chunks of meat in jelly, but the chunks were quite mushy, and compared to the tin food they normally have, had a better quantity of meat to jelly ratio. Indy loved it and when Albert came in for his food, I gave him the second sachet, which again was eaten readily (with help from Indy!)

I had also put down a bowl of the cat milk. Indy sniffed it, turned his nose up and walked away. Albert on the other hand went straight to it and started lapping it up. He has drunk a whole bottle to himself. Max our older cat also turned his nose up to this, both he and Indy prefer to drink the water in the dogs bowl! Bert, however was definitely impressed with it!

Max is our fussy cat. He won't eat meat flavoured food and much prefers fish, so I kept the adult salmon and prawn back for him! This had finer chunks of meat and more jelly (which Max likes!) and Max ate this straight away. The whole sachet went in one go! A definite hit with Max.

As for the Dreamies, these have been shared out between the three of them and each of the cats has loved them. These are great as treats or sprinkled on top of their meat or biscuits. If they are on the biscuits that they have they seem to be able to sniff these out and eat them first!

I would buy them the Bite and Chew sachets as a treat once in a while, but couldn't afford to make this their main meat source, at £3.89 per box of 12 for the fish selection, it just wouldn't be cost effective with three cats. A box would only last a couple of days but if it came in canned form we would definitely get it. I can see the sachets working as a treat once in a while. I will definitely be buying Albert the cat milk again as he did really enjoy this, but again I would do this as a treat rather than every week. The Dreamies will be on our shopping list next week, having looked at the Monster Pet Supplies website, I see they come in a variety of different flavours, so we may have to try a few and see who prefers what!

Monster Pet Supplies sent me my cats the above items free of charge for them to review. All reviews are their honest opinion! They really did love all of them, though the cat milk was not favoured by Max or Indy!

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Baker Boys - Gingerbread Flowers

Written last Tuesday!
The little two had gone to Granny and Grandads. They always go every Tuesday, whether I am working or not. It gives me time to sleep and spend some one on one time with Beanie in the holidays.

Beanie had asked me if we could do some more baking, so I got down the Children's cookbook that they got last Christmas and told him to decide what he wanted to make before we did our Tesco trip so that we could get any ingredients we needed. The book is a great little kids cookbook from Usborne with some fab recipes in, a few that I was secretly hoping he would choose, but he settled on The Gingerbread Flowers. We did our Tesco trip and we bought everything we thought we needed. Then home, ready to bake the next morning.

When we started to get things organised for baking we looked through the ingredients, making sure we had everything - alas no plain flour-so a quick trip to our local shop/post office and then we were ready to start.
Firstly we had to add all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Beanie liked sieving the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon, and making a mess!

Then we had to add butter, chopped into small pieces and this had to be rubbed in. A new experience for Beanie, but as you can see from his face he loved it!

We then had to beat one egg and add this to the mix.

We mixed in the egg, but the dough mixture was really dry,
and it wouldn't combine to a dough ball,
so we added another egg!
Then we rolled out the dough until it was about 5mm thick and started to cut out our shapes.
Like we have a flower cutter in a house full of boys!
We found a heart and a star, and we used the sandwich cutters to make some dinosaurs and jigsaw pieces for the little ones!
They then had to be baked in the oven at 180 C for about 12-15 minutes.

First batch out of the oven!
I did ice them for the boys but I do at as they eat them, in case they go a bit soggy.
They have enjoyed them, but I think I would stick to my old gingerbread recipe in future!