Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Baker Days Letterbox Valentine Cake - Review.

I was approached by the lovely ladies at Baker Days about whether I'd like to review one of their Letterbox Valentine Cakes.

When I first read that they would send me a cake in the post, part of me laughed and  part of me was intrigued at how they would go about it.
And the fact there was free cake was an absolute bonus! I love Cake. I love baking, but my cakes just aren't the same. I have to admit I love shop bought birthday cakes, vanilla sponge and butter cream, my idea of cake heaven. So I had a look at their website...
They make lovely looking cakes, in a variety of sizes from the Letterbox (3-4 portions) size right up to big party cakes(10-50 portions) (that, obviously can't be put through the letterbox!). They also make cupcakes.
I loved the look of them all, the designs very different, from driving test cakes to thank you teacher, and they can be personalised to your requirements.
So of course I agreed!
We had to select our design and personalisation from the Valentine's Day cake collection.
We chose the "Love Birds" design and had it personalised with moors-daddy's name! Moors-daddy and I never really celebrate Valentine's Day so we thought it would be a bit of fun from me and the boys! Here is the design picture from the Baker Days website.


On the website once you have chosen your design, you can then go onto choose the type of cake you want, from sponge,and for an extra charge carrot, fruit and double chocolate chip, they also do a gluten free version, which I was very impressed with, as gluten free cakes are hard to find. I wasn't really fussed which one I got except from the fruit cake as I can't stand them!!
Then we waited, and when I came home from work one day there on my door mat sat a little white box addressed to me!

At first I wondered what it was, what had I ordered that I hadn't told hubby about and then I opened it.
I was really impressed with the packaging. 
Inside the box was a tin with 'Just for You' embossed on it, a card, a leaflet and a small packet of 'Love Hearts'.

 And inside the tin, the cake!

To get the cake out there is a paper tab that you pull, and out pops the cake.

 At first I wasn't sure what type of cake I had received but on the underneath of the cake is a label telling you what it is and what is in it! It also states allergy information and best before date (not that it was going to last that long!)

I like the tin, here a close up of the writing on it. I like this little added extra because as a Valentine's Day present the thought is lovely, but the cake won't last! The tin then becomes your keepsake (and if like me, you are bound to find something to put in it!)

The design on the cake and the personalisation were very good. We had the cake personalised with just moors-daddy's real name but you can have whatever you want. (Within reason).
And now for the most important part, what did it taste like....
well let's just say it didn't last long. The Madeira sponge was light and fluffy, the Butter cream on the bottom to attach it to the card and a thin layer below the icing was delightful and the icing was perfect.
It was yummy!!
The Letterbox cake cut easily into four portions, 
though it could have quite easily been just one!

And as I said it really didn't last long, 
I could easily have eaten it all with a cup of coffee in hand!
Having received this cake from Baker Days, 
I would truly recommend it as something
 a little different for Valentine's day.
I am also eyeing up the Mother's Day letterbox cakes, 
which I think would be great little presents for both 
my mum and the mother in law from the boys!
Remember they do a variety of cakes, from cupcakes to party cakes and the website is well worth a look.