Thursday, 24 October 2013

A bit quiet!

Okay so my good intentions didn't last long!

I have posts waiting to be written but two weeks ago I had a small accident whilst cooking dinner.
I had lit the two outside pans and was cooking away, and had left the milk in the milk pan on the middle back burner ready to make my white sauce.
Anyway I lifted the pan and the pain was instantly there, burning! Obviously the heat from the other two saucepans had heated the milk pan handle and I held it and moved the pan forward before my brain clicked into action and told me it was hot! I put the pan down and went straight to the sink, turned on the cold tap but instantly knew it wasn't good. I left the cold tap running but the heat that was coming from it was intense and so I grabbed the nearest thing I could find (the Easi Yo Yogurt maker) and filled it with water and plunged my hand in.  Moors-daddy was upstairs whilst all this was happening, oblivious to it all and when he returned downstairs I told him what I'd done. Ever sympathetic he said it didn't look too bad! (I later remembered that to a policeman who has seen horrific burns and had to identified people who have burnt to death - in comparison it probably wasn't that bad!) But when I removed my hand from the water the intense burning pain returned immediately.
Beanie had a swimming lesson at 7:30pm and so I had to go out. I couldn't drive so moors-daddy had to come too, with Monkey in tow. I took 2 cocodamol knowing that if they ease RA pain then they must work for this. (It didn't) By the time we left, my hand had been in the water for an hour and a half! At the swimming pool, my fingers were throbbing, getting redder and redder and swelling, the pain was becoming unbearable. So after the lesson we went to our local minor injuries. I saw the nurse, who told me my hour and a half in water was the best thing I could have done for it! She plastered it in Vaseline, put gauze dressing on and then bandaged and tapped me up with orders to return the next day for a redressing! the next day the difference was amazing, the pain had eased but i had some big blisters. It was redressed and I was told to leave it a couple of days and to see how it was and return if needed.  After two more days the blisters had dried out and the dressing came off. I had one massive blister at the top of my middle finger that wouldn't heal, and it peeled and cracked and was painful for a couple of days but now two weeks on my hand looks fab! You can't really noticed the blisters at all except they have all now peeled and the skin is slightly redder than the rest of my hand. I am so amazed at how well it has healed! And from now on I will be using the oven gloves for everything!
First Night! 

After the redressing!
So what to do if you burn yourself or if someone near you gets burnt. (Minor burns!)
  • Immediately get the person away from the heat source to stop the burning.
  • Cool the burn with cool or lukewarm water for 10-30 minutes. Do not use ice, iced water or any creams or greasy substances, such as butter.
  • Remove any clothing or jewellery that is near the burnt area of skin, but do not move anything that is stuck to the skin.
  • Make sure the person keeps warm – for example by using a blanket – but take care not to rub it against the burnt area.
  • Cover the burn by placing a layer of cling film over it.
  • Use painkillers, such as paracetamol oribuprofen, to treat any pain.
Advice taken from NHS Direct (which is where I Googled to find out what to do - it says leave hand it water for 10-30 minutes but I left it in for longer as it hurt so much every time I took it out and so it went straight back in! If it still hurts keep it in water and if so leave it there until you seek medical help - I am sure this is why mine have healed so well!)

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