Thursday, 10 October 2013

For the love of Flat Pack!

For two days last week I assembled flat pack furniture for the two little boys' room!
It is something that has needed to be done for such a long time. Monkey is now 5 and has just started big school and yet for the last five years he has been unable to access his books. They have been stored in a huge under bed basket that even I have struggled to pull out. He and Worm have also been sharing four drawers in Beanies old chest. I have dreaded ironing clothes, knowing that they wouldn't fit in the drawers, the frustration of not being able to fit them in getting to me time and time again and so consequently leaving the ironing and having piles of it around the house.
Last week my parents came to the rescue. Firstly they have given us their old wardrobe. A triple one they couldn't fit into their new house, perfect for the little two. On top of that they have paid for and I ordered the little two a chest of drawers each, a bookcase each and a bed shelf each. And so for the last two days I have screwed, banged and nailed the furniture together.

I have to admit I have shocked myself and my ability to use tools and power tools at that! But I loved it too!
So now, with a few finishing touches and moving clothes around, bagging those that are too small up for charity, they can finally get to their own things, find their own clothes and select their own stories for bedtime!
It has been an absolute godsend, to be able to sort their clothes out - I have a black bag full to hand down to their little cousin, but the best bit is seeing them going to their books and jigsaws and watching as they play and read.  The other morning I even came down to find all 6 Hairy Maclary books on the floor in their toilet - it's such a boy thing!

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