Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair

The second Wednesday in October, people from far and wide flock to Tavistock. Coaches drop people off, roads are closed, the children are off school and the fair comes to town. This isn't just any fair this is Tavistock's Goose Fair. Dating back as far as the 12th century, Tavistock hosts the Goose fair on what used to be Michaelmas Day (29th September) where geese were bought ready to be fatten for Christmas. Now held on the second Wednesday in October, it draws hundreds if not thousands of people to the town. The farmers market still has geese for sale at its auction but the main draw is the stalls and fair ground rides that cover Plymouth Rd and Bedford Square.

So today the boys are off school, all local schools close. And as ever we go for a wander. This year we went into the cattle market for the boys to look at the animals, sheep, alpacas, chickens, ducks, turkeys and of course geese. There are a few stalls around the market too, some local produce and some craft. Then we headed down town! As we walked down the road coaches from Dawlish and Tiverton were dropping people off. As you come to Abbey Bridge you hit the chaos of people, stalls on either side of the roads, selling everything you could ever imagine and quite a lot you can't! 
The older I get the more I grow to dislike Goose Fair. It's the same every year, the same stalls, the same stall holders selling the same 'tat' and this really annoys me because Tavistock is such a beautiful market town and has so much to offer. If this fair was really thought through it could be amazing. There are so many people in and around the area that could very easily come to sell their products and produce, instead of the 'stuff' that is sold year after year. The number of crafters and artists that could come here could make a huge difference to this day. Instead we end up doing the same thing, we don't want fake flowers or dogs beds,    and so the boys go on a ride (they are not a fan so it's usually only one) and then we spent an hour in the park!! We bought nothing! Next year I'm going to do what many others do, take the boys out for the day, aquarium, zoo somewhere nice that they'll like! 

I know it brings a lot to Tavistock but I can understand why moors daddy hates working on this day too! It would be nice to get it back to what it used to be and bring the locals back to Goose Fair and not just the tourists!

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