Thursday, 3 October 2013

The start of being Organised

Well this is it, the start of our new lives.  Me, jobless but generally feeling really quite positive about things!
We have to make changes, that part is obvious, and we will start little and hope that by making those small changes we can change our lives for the better.  We had long been stuck in the rut of long days, moors-daddy's shifts, processed food, quick meals before leaving the house for this club and that.
Yes we need to make changes and most of them concern money but also our organisation, our budgeting and what we do with the boys when we are home, what we eat, what we buy and where we buy it.
We are also making changes to the house and garden, nothing majorly drastic, no extensions or anything like that (we dream but have no money), in doing so we are trying to recycle and blag a few things as well as saving our pennies to make things better for us and the boys.

To start us off on our journey, I have invested in something that I already know will become our Bible.  I have wanted something to organise us as a family for a long time, I have looked for nearly two years for something that keeps everything in one place. I have a family calendar, a  meal planner chart etc etc, but I wanted more than that. And so when I had almost given up finding anything (and verging on getting my brother in law to design exactly what I wanted) I found and have bought the Family Life diary. It has everything in it, month to view, week to view, to do lists, shopping lists, meal planner, address book, budget pages. It is fabulous and I love it, everything in  the same place and at hand.
So for the last couple of days I have been pencilling in the boys clubs, practices, birthdays etc  and trying to work out what we can have for dinner and when.  We are getting there. We have had it two weeks now, our food bill has already reduced and meal planner stuck too apart from today when I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer!!

And we have our first free 'blag' - a piano. We just have to get it from Plymouth to Tavistock!! 

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