Friday, 11 October 2013

Welcome Assembly

Beanie and Monkey go to a lovely little school in our town. It has one class per year and has a friendly, family atmosphere. They both love it. Beanie is in year 5 and is very 'unique' as his year 4 teacher put it! But he thrives on this little school, the routines, the familiarity and his friendship group.  I worry about next year and the decisions that have to be made, but we have started the process by visiting the 3 secondary schools that we have as options and I think we know where we want him to go but the final decision will be his, and that worries me!

Monkey on the other hand has just started here. He is now full time, they did a week and a half of half days and he needed that slow break in to it, he was asleep most afternoons by 12:30 in those first two weeks. He has now adjusted and is getting used to it, but there are still days when he cries when I leave him. His teacher and TA are lovely, and his TA has a bit of a soft spot for him. The other day he came home saying he'd had 10 cuddles with her, and it's probably true.  Today the school did something that they do every year with the foundation stage children and that is they had their 'Welcome Assembly'.  It is the most adorable thing ever. Parents/Carers and grandparents are all invited into assembly and we all sit at the back and watch as the whole school walks into the hall. The last class to enter is the little ones, who instantly stop to look for their parents and wave!  You can hear the ohhs and ahhs from the older ones. The children then sang a welcoming song, written by the music teacher whilst all the foundation children stood at the front, some grinning, some quite shy in front of the school, Monkey sucking his fingers.  Then the year 6 house captains take to the front of the school and read out the names of those children in Foundation who are in their house. Each child in turn goes up to the house captains to be Welcomed to the school, they are each given a certificate and a teddy bear who wears the schools t-shirt. Monkey has taken his to bed with him tonight and has this evening proclaimed to nanny and granddad that he "loves his new school". Beanie still has his bear too, somewhere in his bedroom and it really is such a sweet thing for them to have to remind them of their time at primary school.

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  1. What a lovely idea! I love the sound of the teddy. In the first couple of weeks my son was given a teddy to bring home overnight (some kind of special helper thing which I guess they rotate around the children) and he was so thrilled with it, it reminded me that even though he seems so grown up now he's still little enough to like teddies :) I'm glad that Monkey is settling in well, and good luck with the decision about secondary school, I'm not looking forward to that one!