Monday, 25 November 2013

I love Christmas but bah humbug to Amazon

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love the preparation, the decorations, seeing the joy on the boys faces but there is something that really gets to me at Christmas time and it is only at Christmas that it bothers me.  Whether that's because I do more research at Christmas looking for presents, price checking and watching toys over a number of weeks.

It was a few years ago when we first noticed what Amazon do.

We had looked at something at the end of October decided that we would get it in November and couldn't believe the difference in price over a month.  It had rocketed. A blip maybe a mistake, but no on other items the same had happened. The following year we checked in October again, prices were low, we bought and then watched as the raised them over the coming months in the lead up to Christmas.

This year, I checked again at the end of October.  Beanie's Christmas list contains mostly Lego Star Wars and so we started watching. We have managed to buy a few things at really good prices but mainly for Monkey but it appalls me at how they change their prices not just week in week out, or even day to day but sometimes they change hourly too, and rise and fall throughout the day.  If items are low in stock the prices seem to rise, when there are plenty they lower them.

For example on Beanie's wish list is the Lego Star Wars At Te. When I first saw it it was on Amazon for £47.99, a bargain I wish I had bought there and then, since then it has risen to £63.99 and then to £72.99, £74.87, £78.99 and the the other day it was advertised as below. Great i thought back down to £47.99.

I clicked on it to go through to the item page to find, no not £47.99 but £74.32!!

A quick screen shot and I return to screen shot the previous page too!

I know they have to make money but they are seriously putting me off buying from them when they treat their customers (and their staff if you're watching BBC1) the way they do. If they can afford to sell it at the lower price then why don't they leave it there and get customers who would usually go elsewhere. The At Te is now cheaper elsewhere so I won't be getting it from Amazon unless its back to £47.99 which I doubt it will be with only four weeks till Christmas!

Another of my bug bears with them is that now that they stock everything you can imagine, they really need to find a way of filtering what appears in the search terms.  I was looking for some stationery for the boys for Christmas, a search I would think children would look for when I came across the following. You can see in the address bar my search was for stationery stocking fillers so I am not really sure where the Willy Apron fits in!!

Monday, 11 November 2013


View from the bar at Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa.

RA Update

Well it's been a while....  my RA hasn't been that bad, part of that I feel is not working, not standing on my feet all day and running around like a loon at school.  Joints still hurt on a daily basis but I haven't had any major flares since the end of April.  My fingers have been bad for the last couple of months and I struggle with simple things like opening bottles and jars, gripping things and doing things like getting the little two dressed. Nappies are a bit of  a bug bare. Some days I really feel quite helpless as I battle to undo the sticky tabs on disposables. We are desperately trying to get Worm to use the potty or toilet, and he does when he feels like it but he is too inconsistent to put in pants just yet.  I also struggle to do things like hold their pants and trousers whilst they put their feet and legs into them, and it's these simple things that annoy me more than any other.
I saw my GP on Friday, my last consultant appointment was in January and I was told they'd see me in three months. I phoned in May and was told to wait my turn, I think I have now waited more than long enough and I need to know what is going to happen to me, long term. So the GP is now going to chase the hospital and so I am hoping that I am a little nearer to getting some answers.

This weekend I went away without the boys, a hen do of a close friend. We went to a spa in Newquay and it was lovely, all girls together, fab food and I had a back, neck and shoulder massage, which was heaven. However, by 11 o'clock in the evening,  I could feel my shoulders tightening. I struggled to get out of my dress and into my pyjamas and even after a lovely relaxing weekend, I feel like I have majorly over done it.  Today I have spent the day under a blanket on the sofa with pain nearly everywhere, nodding on and off throughout the day. Tomorrow I will do the school run and return to my sofa where I will finish off my website copy for my tutoring business and probably sleep a little bit more!