Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter Weekend Walks

We are extremely lucky to live where we do, rolling countryside on our doorstep, Dartmoor National Park a 30 second walk from our front door.  But sometimes I know we take this for granted. This summer moors-daddy and I vowed that we would get out more with the boys, we have no excuse really it's there, a stones throw away and yet we managed to walk the same walk every day, so this summer we decided we needed more adventures, more walks and so this weekend we did just that.  As the dog started to get restless, moors-daddy suggested a new adventure. So, the dog and three boys, wellies and coats were loaded into the car and off we went. We drove for about 5 minutes across the golf course to a little river at the end of the course. We parked up, the sun was shining and so we left the coats in the car!

We started down by the road, the dog straight in the river, followed by the boys! No coats, no waterproofs and yes they did get wet!

Beanie walking right across the river to the other side!

All the boys finding sticks for Stanley to retrieve from the water, laughing as he puts his whole head under!

And then we went for a wander, across the road and along a track, not really knowing where we were going but following the river. Stopping every now and again, to throw stones and sticks into the river for Stanley to chase!

A rare opportunity where all 3 are looking at the camera!
And one of Beanie alone, growing up so fast, hard to believe my little premmie will be 10 in two weeks time!

We walked further along the track, getting higher and higher until we were looking down on the river.

The terrible two!  They love being outside!

More stick throwing!

And river jumping!

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  1. I love this post, the photos really do tell your walk. It looks like such a happy family afternoon and your boys are at a lovely age. We have been so lucky the last 2 weekends in the SW, it is a crime not to be out enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for linking up a beautiful post.

    1. Thank you! I am trying hard to get back to the blog and it is things like this that I need to share, so hopefully I'll be linking up a bit more in the future. And yes we have been blessed with great weather the last couple of weekends, so lets hope it continues!

  2. What a wonderful place to have on your doorstep!

    1. We are VERY lucky, it is the most beautiful of places!