Sunday, 26 January 2014

Project 365 #4

Project 365  week 4.
We've been up to lots this week.
On Sunday we went for our Winter Weekend Walk to Bellever Forest. It was cold and the boys were wrapped up. There was lots of muddy puddling to be done, and lots of chocolate and Haribo to bribe them along the way!
On Monday, the little two had a bath.  They usually bath on Sunday night, but Worm's boots had rubbed his foot on our walk and he refused point blank to get in. Monkey bathed on Sunday as normal but was willing to get in again on Monday with Worm. 12 months ago Worm was totally water phobic and wouldn't get in the bath and was always just washed. He has made huge progress, he now has his hair washed but only after Monkey has been done first!  They love going in together, though I am not sure the walls and floor appreciate it.
On Tuesday, we got the dogs results back from the vets saying everything was fine, just lots of fatty lumps that don't need any immediate attention.  I snapped a picture of his lovely wet nose as he slept next to me on the sofa.

On Wednesday Worm spent the day with me (he is normally at Granny's on a Wednesday but Grandad needed a minor op so he had to stay home)  He is quickly learning how to use the iphone /ipod and has worked out how to take pictures. When browsing through my pictures later in the evening I found over 40 selfies!! (most of parts of his head!)
On Thursday Beanie has swimming lessons/training.  We have decided since they are quite late that he should go in his onesie and return in his onesie.  Most of his friends also do this and it is so much quicker.  Here he is with the other 2 (in their p-js) all mesmorised by the TV just before we left.  He swam about 40 lengths in that session!
On Friday I received a gift in the post (from myself). I have been wanting to learn to crochet for ages and so I bought myself two books, one of which arrived on Thursday. I also happened to spot a Beginners course being held in a local shop next month so have enrolled on that to. I am so excited!
On Friday, moors-daddy and I went away for the night, to the place where we had our wedding reception nearly 11 years ago.  A night away without the boys. we had a lovely cream tea, a 3 course meal, an early night and breakfast.  It was lovely and just nice to get away!  This picture was taken on Saturday before we left to return home to our mad house!

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Weekend Walks #countrykids

So this weekend moors-daddy was off work and we knew we needed to get the boys out.
The weather on Saturday was rain and more rain, though somehow Beanie managed a golf lesson during a break in the clouds! 
So today, Sunday, we made the decision to go for a walk, boys and dog in tow. As we strapped ourselves into the car the heavens opened. We carried on regardless, wellies and coats, hats and gloves!

We ventured out towards Postbridge and to Bellever Forest. We arrived to blue skies having left the rain back at home!
The boys stood for a picture, ready for our walk. 

We started off at the car park (pay and display) and headed off towards the track. It was quite dark in amongst the trees. 

A photographers dream area. Loads of opportunities to take pictures and as always wishing I'd brought the Canon and not just my iPhone. But I started snapping away anyway!

As always my boys find the puddles, walking and splashing their way through!

And remarkably the dog didn't venture into the water. (Or the kids for that matter!)

We returned home late. Moors daddy deciding to go the scenic route home. A closed road, a diversion and an hour later we made it back (via the fish and chip shop). 

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Silent Sunday

Project 365 #3

So here we are week 3.

Sunday 12/1/14.  Worm had asked for some Christmas chocolate and so he decided that he would like his Freddo.  I didn't tell him that his Freddo had exploding Candy in it.  This picture is of him when he first bit into it and the candy starting popping in his mouth!

Monday 13/1/14. Monkey has started on the process of reading.  He is obviously doing well enough to start bringing books home regularly.  This was Monday's book which he read beautifully, sounding out his sounds and blending to build the words.

Tuesday 14/1/14.  Stanley dog is getting older and recently we have noticed a number of lumps both big and small on his body. Today involved a trip to the vets to have them looked at.  We returned on Friday to have them tested and should find out the results on Monday.

Wednesday 15/1/14 The little boys are both Fire engine mad.  Monkey refuses to let us believe that he still likes Fireman Sam, but secretly we know he does. Worm is obsessed by Sam and everything he plays revolves around fire stations, fireman and they love playing together with their wooden fire engines. These two are John Crane and Pintoy ones that we've had a while but they keeping coming out over and over again.

Thursday 16/1/14 Worms day with mummy. We take the big two to school and then walk the dog.  Worm always needs his wellies, be it puddles or mud he will always find one or the other!

Friday 17/1/14. Okay I cheated a bit on this one, moors-daddy actually took it whilst working in North Devon for the day and sent it to me via MMS. I then instagramed it, a beautiful picture of Hartland Quay.

Saturday 18/1/14  I wakled the dog in teh morning.  The weather was not pleasant and as I walked around the cricket pitch I spotted the hint of a rainbow in the distant.  Unfortunately the sun never showed up!

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 365 #2

So here we are for the second week!

5/1/14.  Mother in laws birthday.  I was all prepared with the presents and the cards but when it came to wrapping them I realised I had no paper hence the words 'Merry Christmas' on it! She didn't mind!
6/1/14. First day back at school. All organised and ready to go at 8:30am.  Two school bags, two PE kit bags, one nursery bag and a lunch bag and an extra book bag which has taken to living on the door handle and never gets to school.
7/1/14.  Moors daddy was home in the evening and on a Tuesday Worm goes to spend the night with Granny and Grandad, so the older two get to do things that Worm would normally interfere with and destroy. Beanie got a few Airfix models for Christmas and his birthday this year so he and m-d made a start on his Spitfire. Here it is glued and being held in place with my clothes pegs!
8/1/14. My lovely slow cooker, that I got for Christmas.  Here it is cooking chicken, cabbage and leeks for our dinner, it was lovely!
9/1/14. My first day back of tutoring since the holidays, however much I love what I do, I hate the fact that it takes over the dining room and the dining table!
10/1/14. The dog. Bless him, he is really beginning to show his age, the hair on his chin is slowly turning grey/white and his movements are getting slower.  He has started taking liberties at home too and climbing onto the sofa when he thinks we aren't looking! It's quite nice when m-d is at work of an evening but sometimes the boys are fighting for the space!
11/1/14. Today.  The first beautiful day we have had for ages. Washing out on the line (not that it dried) and when I walked the dog this morning there was the opportunity for many a picture. The sky was a beautiful blue and the ponies were very friendly.  Gorgeous views and a beautiful place to live!

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

I Heart Snapping. Week 1 'Heart'.

I actually collect hearts. I have them hanging all over the house much to the annoyance of moors-daddy! And whenever we are at the beach I look to see if amongst the thousands of stones and pebbles that we find there is one that is heart shaped. Many are so close but not good enough. This one was just spotted poking through the sand and I cannot bring to words the joy it gave me (sad I know!)  finding it. It now sits on our bathroom window sill and is to date the one and only true heart shaped pebble I have found. 

This is the first #iheartsnappingchallenge and you can follow it on Instagram @iheartsnapping_ or on the website iheartsnapping

Silent Sunday 5/1/14

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Project 365 #1

So here goes, I thought about this last year, but knew that I wouldn't be able to focus fully on it, and so this year I am here, ready to give this a go!

Project 365.

One picture for every day of the year.
I love taking pictures, of the boys, where I live, places and things around me, and this just gives me an excuse to snap away.

So here is my first installment

1/1/14.  I took this just after midnight. We were at my parents house a couple of streets away, the boys had all gone to bed but my brothers two were still wide awake to see the New Year in.  My eldest nephew asked if he could do Auld Lang Syne, so they did. 
2/1/14. We had a quiet day at home. Beanie spent the day playing, building lego, whilst the little two had a day of (unbelievable) playing together nicely. Here they are playing planes, lining them up as they taxi down the runway!
3/1/14.  Beanie has a thing about Lego Star Wars to the point that it is an obsession and more a collection than a play thing. So this Christmas he only got a few bits and to make up his presents he received a number of games, Rubik's Race, Cluedo, and some puzzles.  This one is a wooden puzzle made up of 'T' shaped pieces that you have to fit back together in the cube. It will take him a while but he will sit at these things for ages!
4/1/14. Today.  The little two had their swimming lesson down at our local pool this morning. An 8:30 start isn't appreciated by me, but they love it and after their lesson they like to go to the canal to see the ducks. So there we were this morning at about 9:45am when Monkey spotted this mummy duck and her two babies. Nice to see they have survived the awful weather we have had lately!  

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Drake's Trail - Country Kids

A little way from our house is something we have yet to explore.

When I say a little way it's actually about a mile from our front door and it takes you as far as you want, all the way to Plymouth.

Drake's Trail.

The old railway line from Tavistock to Plymouth.

The trail has been missing a link (the bridge opened in 2012) and it is now a cycle track. Yet, here we are at the end of 2013 and we still haven't ventured along it. Until this week.

We started at Tavistock and walked to Gem Bridge. A round trip of 3 miles, a cold and windy day, wellies, hats and gloves required!

Gem bridge replaces the old viaduct built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The trail starts off walking through fields

and by the river.

And then you reach Grenofen tunnel, it goes under the main A386 Plymouth -Tavistock Road.

It was dark and very wet! The boys loved it!

You can see through to the other end.

There were a few reminders of the recent storms in our way.

But the views from the bridge down the valley were amazing.

All my boys on the bridge!

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