Sunday, 5 January 2014

I Heart Snapping. Week 1 'Heart'.

I actually collect hearts. I have them hanging all over the house much to the annoyance of moors-daddy! And whenever we are at the beach I look to see if amongst the thousands of stones and pebbles that we find there is one that is heart shaped. Many are so close but not good enough. This one was just spotted poking through the sand and I cannot bring to words the joy it gave me (sad I know!)  finding it. It now sits on our bathroom window sill and is to date the one and only true heart shaped pebble I have found. 

This is the first #iheartsnappingchallenge and you can follow it on Instagram @iheartsnapping_ or on the website iheartsnapping


  1. I don't think it is sad at all. I quite understand and love your find

    1. Oh yeah, another person who thinks like me!!

  2. Wow thats amazing, I don't think its sad at all, I often look for funny shaped pebbles on the beach. I found one when we visited Brighton the day before my scan with my daughter and I kept it as a good luck, it was a heart one as well but not quite as perfect a heart as that one!

  3. Wow, that's a perfect heart pebble. Such a sweet find. x

  4. Such a lovely pebble. I love hearts too, I'm always drawing them in notepads or picking up shabby chic decor ones to hang around our house :) x