Sunday, 19 January 2014

Project 365 #3

So here we are week 3.

Sunday 12/1/14.  Worm had asked for some Christmas chocolate and so he decided that he would like his Freddo.  I didn't tell him that his Freddo had exploding Candy in it.  This picture is of him when he first bit into it and the candy starting popping in his mouth!

Monday 13/1/14. Monkey has started on the process of reading.  He is obviously doing well enough to start bringing books home regularly.  This was Monday's book which he read beautifully, sounding out his sounds and blending to build the words.

Tuesday 14/1/14.  Stanley dog is getting older and recently we have noticed a number of lumps both big and small on his body. Today involved a trip to the vets to have them looked at.  We returned on Friday to have them tested and should find out the results on Monday.

Wednesday 15/1/14 The little boys are both Fire engine mad.  Monkey refuses to let us believe that he still likes Fireman Sam, but secretly we know he does. Worm is obsessed by Sam and everything he plays revolves around fire stations, fireman and they love playing together with their wooden fire engines. These two are John Crane and Pintoy ones that we've had a while but they keeping coming out over and over again.

Thursday 16/1/14 Worms day with mummy. We take the big two to school and then walk the dog.  Worm always needs his wellies, be it puddles or mud he will always find one or the other!

Friday 17/1/14. Okay I cheated a bit on this one, moors-daddy actually took it whilst working in North Devon for the day and sent it to me via MMS. I then instagramed it, a beautiful picture of Hartland Quay.

Saturday 18/1/14  I wakled the dog in teh morning.  The weather was not pleasant and as I walked around the cricket pitch I spotted the hint of a rainbow in the distant.  Unfortunately the sun never showed up!

Another weeks round up of Project 365. I am linking up with The Boy and Me.

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  1. That last photo is beautiful! Love his expression in the first still have Christmas chocolate left?!?

    1. Yes we still have chocolate. Boys 1 and 3 still have loads but no 2 is down to a few chocolate coins! We have been known to still have Xmas Choc on the go at Easter, but I'm not holding out this year! (They are not chocolate loving boys!)

  2. the Quay looks like a nice place to be. Love the rainbow picture. Love the muddy pic, mud is fine till they fall over in it.
    Hope the results for the dog come back ok, our dog developed quite a few lumps in her old age and we were told they were normal aging, but its as well checked and I hope your are s well.