Sunday, 26 January 2014

Project 365 #4

Project 365  week 4.
We've been up to lots this week.
On Sunday we went for our Winter Weekend Walk to Bellever Forest. It was cold and the boys were wrapped up. There was lots of muddy puddling to be done, and lots of chocolate and Haribo to bribe them along the way!
On Monday, the little two had a bath.  They usually bath on Sunday night, but Worm's boots had rubbed his foot on our walk and he refused point blank to get in. Monkey bathed on Sunday as normal but was willing to get in again on Monday with Worm. 12 months ago Worm was totally water phobic and wouldn't get in the bath and was always just washed. He has made huge progress, he now has his hair washed but only after Monkey has been done first!  They love going in together, though I am not sure the walls and floor appreciate it.
On Tuesday, we got the dogs results back from the vets saying everything was fine, just lots of fatty lumps that don't need any immediate attention.  I snapped a picture of his lovely wet nose as he slept next to me on the sofa.

On Wednesday Worm spent the day with me (he is normally at Granny's on a Wednesday but Grandad needed a minor op so he had to stay home)  He is quickly learning how to use the iphone /ipod and has worked out how to take pictures. When browsing through my pictures later in the evening I found over 40 selfies!! (most of parts of his head!)
On Thursday Beanie has swimming lessons/training.  We have decided since they are quite late that he should go in his onesie and return in his onesie.  Most of his friends also do this and it is so much quicker.  Here he is with the other 2 (in their p-js) all mesmorised by the TV just before we left.  He swam about 40 lengths in that session!
On Friday I received a gift in the post (from myself). I have been wanting to learn to crochet for ages and so I bought myself two books, one of which arrived on Thursday. I also happened to spot a Beginners course being held in a local shop next month so have enrolled on that to. I am so excited!
On Friday, moors-daddy and I went away for the night, to the place where we had our wedding reception nearly 11 years ago.  A night away without the boys. we had a lovely cream tea, a 3 course meal, an early night and breakfast.  It was lovely and just nice to get away!  This picture was taken on Saturday before we left to return home to our mad house!

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