Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Learning to Crochet.

This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, and I have attempted it with the help of a couple of books and YouTube.  I found it really difficult, to follow the instructions and working out the diagrams, concentrating on the videos whilst attempting to do it. I gave up.

Then about a month ago, I saw a 'Learn to Crochet' Course being held locally in one of the independent shops in town.  I signed up instantly, knowing that having someone there with me , showing it to me and explaining it to me would make it so much easier.

Monday, was the day of the course, 3 hours, tea and cake included!

There were 5 of us, varying ages, all inexperienced. We were given a hook and got to choose a ball of yarn, and were shown the different stitches. I have to say that to start with a felt very cack-handed, but very quickly found my technique improving and the stitches flowing more smoothly.  I admit, it's far from perfect but I wrote notes and have bought them home to practice with as well as purchasing a Sewfie starter kit.  I really hope I can get into it, because I found it quite therapeutic.

My real reason for wanting to learn, is for the benefit of my fingers. Having RA means that I get a lot of pain in my fingers and thumbs and some days they are very stiff and sore. My late Nan was riddled with Rheumatoid Arthritis but she always Crocheted, (I still have my 70's coloured baby blanket) so I am hoping I  can follow in her footsteps.

So here it is, my first attempt.  IT isn't anything, just a practice sample of the different stitches. It took 3 hours of exceptionally hard concentration! (and the cake was lovely!)

The start of new things...

When I started this blog I said how different life in the moors household was going to be.

I may have got that slightly wrong.

After 6 months of not working and living off my redundancy money, (that we had earmarked for other 'projects'), the realisation has hit home.  I am now working, doing supply teaching across both secondary and key stage 2, and am actually really enjoying it. But, the money is nowhere near what I was earning in permanent employment and so I seem to be working more, for less money. My tutoring is slowly picking up, which is good, but things that we were hoping to do, have been put on the back burner and we are waiting until the money starts flowing in a bit more regularly.

However, our plans are still there, to do up the garden, get a greenhouse and grow our own.  My dad is waiting for his monster greenhouse to be delivered and we have found a second hand one on our local Facebook selling page.  We saw it last weekend, and it is perfect for us, the right size, 8ft x 6ft, and polycarbon sheeting and not glass so perfect for the football loving boys! An ideal started greenhouse until we can afford a decent one.  So weather permitting this weekend, we (I say we, I mean moors-daddy and my dad) are going to go and dismantle it and bring it home.  Even though we are far from ready for it, our fence needs to be repaired, ground levelled, sleepers bought, it's the first step and a positive one!



OMG! Somehow, and I have no idea how, or why, I have been nominated for the Best New Blog category in the MAD Blog Awards!

*very shocked face!*

Thank you,

but I am really not sure this blog is worthy of that, there are so many better blogs out there!

Okay so now I see that there are over 65000 nominations, so I am just a small insignificant one.

But thank you anyway!


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sometimes it pays to wait! Our potty training week!


Born May 2010.

Stubborn, hilariously funny, annoying.

A late walker (22 months), average talker (can't actually remember when that happened!)

Lover of nappies!!

Both Beanie and Monkey were toilet trained and dry at night by 3.  Beanie was actually 2 and a half, Monkey took a little longer, but did it all with weeks!

Worm is a totally different story.

"He loves his nappies".

I knew last summer that it had to be done, and believe me I've tried and even though at times I have thought he was ready, physically, I was not prepared for the emotional upheaval it would cause.
I have tried him in pants a few times, with the same results. Worm not knowing when he needed to go and a puddle on the floor, at which point he'd kick off, full tantrum about how he didn't want to wear pants and that he loved his nappy!  I just had to admit that emotionally he wasn't ready for it.

At Christmas I was determined, now or never, no going back, but the same happened. The first puddle on the floor and it was if the world was ending, full tantrum and I love my nappy!

At that point I decided that every holiday we would try, no pressure, if he couldn't cope it didn't matter, but actually in the back of my head I was thinking he has to do this - he starts school in September, he can't go wearing nappies.

So February half term drew nearer, in my mind, I was going to try again, though part of me had little expectation of him.  My plan was swimming Saturday morning, not taking a nappy and making him wear pants, pants or nothing.  It didn't happen.  Last Friday night I was hit by the sickness bug, I spent all night throwing up, we didn't make it to swimming.  The boys played all day whilst I laid on the sofa feeling awful. Moors-daddy went to work and I called my parents to come and take the boys away. I was in bed at 5:30pm.  I did however pack their overnight bags, and in Worms I put pants. My mum was under strict instruction to tell him in the morning that she had no nappies - pants or nothing. I felt much better the next morning and went to pick them up just before lunch.  He was happily wearing his pants and had had no accidents.  He refused to wee before we left for home.   Had a paddy in the car when we arrived at home and wet himself in the car. Fear not, I took him inside and stripped him off and told him pants or nothing, he chose nothing.  For the rest of the afternoon he went around with nothing on from his waist down.  At one point he was playing in the lounge with Monkey when he shouted "Mummy, I've done a wee", I looked to see two drops on the carpets and hurried him to the toilet, sat him on and listened to him tinkling, a huge grin on his face. Still he chose to wear nothing.  Later in the afternoon the sun came out and the boys wanted to go out on their scooters, Worms choice was pants/ trousers and scooter or nothing. He wore pants. No accidents.  We had one small (tiny weeny) wee at dinner time on Sunday, but nothing that reached the floor, so really insignificant!  The rest of the week, we have done the shopping trip, a trip to the zoo, granny has taken him to the hairdressers, soft play and he has worn his pants, every day, all day. In total we have had 3 accidents.

He has done amazingly, he has taken it all in his stride, with not one hissy fit in sight.

He has grown up this week so much and I know that tomorrow when he goes to nursery he will tell his teacher with the utmost pride,

that he is now a big boy and he now wears big boy pants!

(and I know his teacher, like his mother will breath a huge sigh of relief, that he has finally done it!)

A 'SUNNY' day out!

Can you believe it?

The sun has shone today, or at least it did where we went.

We had decided to take the boys out today, having looked at the weather forecast, and it being one of few days when all 3 boys are at home this week. Trips to Granny and Grandad's are planned for all 3!

We went the Dartmoor Zoo!

The zoo behind the story that lead to the film, "We bought a Zoo".

It is only about a 25-30 minute drive from our house and we have been before, when Beanie was young and I think I was pregnant with Monkey, so probably about 6 years ago.

We packed our bag, the nappy bag but minus nappies (another blog post to come :) ), full of snacks and drinks, and packed the car with our coats (just in case) and our wellies (much needed!).

We arrived to a pretty empty car park and parked up, opened the doors to be faced with mud, and lots of it! Moors-daddy and I tip toed to the back of the car and got our boots on before, getting the boys into theirs.

Bag packed, coats on, and we were off. It's quite a walk up hill to the zoo from the ticket booth and car park but on the way you get to see some animals, Capybaras, Tapirs, goats and chickens.

Then you start on the real zoo animals. The reindeers were first,  followed by the brown bears.

Raccoons, wolves, tigers,


 jaguars, cheetah and a very friendly Lynx that came right up to the fence!

The boys loved the otters, and the red fox.  There were birds of prey and meerkats at which point moors-daddy and I started shouting 'Alan'! The boys didn't understand the joke!

It was such a nice day we even stopped for an ice cream! (Two double chocolate and a mint choc chip!)

We had a picnic lunch in the picnic area/ children's play area and the boys ran around for a while.

It's a lovely little zoo, but I have to say we had seen everything in a couple of hours and the boys had had enough. They were disappointed that there were no elephants and giraffes, but it's just not that big.

It just means we'll have to  go to Paignton Zoo with them soon!

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Project 365 #8

Project 365 week 8.

Another wet Sunday last week, a trip to Tesco and moors-daddy invested in Monsters University Top Trumps.  The little two (Worm especially) are big fans and so unable to read the cards made up their own games naming all the characters!

Monday. I have no idea what this is a picture of. Worm was in bed playing with my phone and I had loads of pictures like this. I think it is our duvet cover which is actually a dark teal colour but somehow it came out like this and I actually love the colour!

Tuesday. It was dry!  We went to Dartmoor Zoo, it's only about 25 minutes away from our house and is an easy day out for us.  Beanie has been before but the other two haven't.  This is the three of them in front of the bear enclosure. Two bear bums in the background!

Wednesday. After a night at granny's Monkey is reunited with Stanley dog. #doglove

New Lego as a half Term treat on Thursday!  Worm playing happily and showing off his police bike in front of the camera!

Friday. Monkey had a bad reaction to something. We thought it was Wotsits but after giving him more on Saturday with no problems, we are not sure.  It started with small Hives on his face, which slowly got bigger and bigger, then we noticed a rash on his hands and his hands started to swell. He couldn't stop scratching. They ended up on his face, hands, arms and torso. Anti histamine  and 4 hours later - gone!

Saturday. Playing with my phone again, this time having reversed the camera! #selfie

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Project 365 #7

Project 365 week 7.

Where is the time going?

Sunday, another wet day, more games.  This time it was the boys marble run.  A great present from Santa this Christmas, and the y all like playing with it.

Monday.  A new week.  Even though Worm is slowly growing out of his naps, after a day at nursery there are some days when, no matter how hard we try to keep him awake, he just goes!

Tuesday.  Monkey came home from school with a picture for us.  Inspired by the Winter Olympics, this is us, a family of five on a huge snowboard.  Note, I am pink with long hair, moors-daddy resembles daddy pig, and Monkey is orange, his favourite colour!

Wednesday.  What more is there to say than, cat in the sink.

Thursday evening. An early night for me, not the best picture but me in bed with my Kobo and a cat!

Friday. As the wind started to pick up, and the rain fell, I knew we would be lucky to get away unscathed this time. The first of the damage was a fence panel in the back garden.
You can just about see where it was, past the washing line! Moors-daddy retrieved it from the neighbours garden on Saturday.  We have also lost a slate off the main roof and a bit of trim from the fascias. Nothing major compared to some out there - all easily fixable!

Saturday. Mum and Dad went to check on the beach house and to see if there was any damage over there.  Luckily there is none and it seems to have coped well. On their way home they went to Portwrinkle, a small fishing village just along the coast where my dad moors his boat in the summer months.  The sea has battered the harbour, and mum took this picture (quite good for her!) of the hole that has formed in the harbour wall.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Project 365 #6

Project 365 week 6.
Sunday.  The weather is beginning to wind the boys up, literally, last Sunday we were stuck indoors again.  I found the My Talking Tom app on the ipod/tablet and I can honestly say it kept them amused for ages. Hearing the little two giggle as the cat repeats what they say, it deteriorated to "poopy brain and weewee bum" very quickly!!

Monday, I took the dog for his morning walk and it wasn't raining (can you believe it?)  My phone was out snapping away at the scenery, the views and some weird looking trees!

Tuesday, another day another walk.  But today was special, after a very cold night, the view in the distant is white! There was snow on the high moors, though too far to visit!

Wednesday.  This is a little thing I purchased off our local Facebook selling page.  A 50's / 60's sewing table, complete with contents.  It has that old person smell and is actually in really good condition.  I am unsure of what I want to do with it.  Leave it, paint it, sand it, I really am unsure. I need to go through it and sort all the stuff out and put what I have into. A task for a rainy day!

Thursday evening.  Boys game time.  We seem to be playing a lot of board games lately!  Today it was Kerplunk!

Friday.  I was tutoring in the dining room when my phone pinged with this picture from moors-daddy. Monkey and his best friend cuddling together on the sofa.  Note the dog's paw on Monkey;s leg! Bless.

Saturday. Beanie and moors-daddy went shopping for an Airfix model and came back with this aswell.  A new game for our collection and not what it used to be like.  A lot more detail and it seemed to take forever to put it together bu they enjoyed playing with it, so much so it came out again on Sunday too.

All pictures are copyright of moors-mummy @ Dartmoor Diaries.

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Project 365 #5

Week 5.
Where does that time go?
Last Sunday it rained non stop, the boys had played on everything and where getting - dare i say it - bored when they grouped together and started doing this. Playing games together - nicely.  They must have played 4 or 5 different ones and it was lovely to see.

Monday, Monkey had been playing with the 3D glasses and was wearing them just for fun. It had to be taken!

Tuesday, I dropped moors-daddy off for a run and on my way back took this picture looking out over Tavistock Golf Course.

Wednesday, I had unexpected cuddles with Bert.  He very rarely comes into the lounge, especially if the boys are in there so it was lovely to have him cuddled up against me in the evening.

Thursday.  The boys received some balloon copters from Santa this year and they decided to get them out and have a go.  They are great except for the noise they make, which the boys very quickly learnt could be made just from blowing through the valve! SQUEAK!

Friday.  Beanie went out for the evening with his nanny and Uncle, Aunt and cousin.  He was treated to a trip into Plymouth's Theatre Royal to see the Lion King. It was a very late night, he eventually got into bed at 11:30pm at nanny's house and was full of it the next morning when I picked him up. I think we can say he enjoyed it.

Saturday.  It was just me and the little two that walked the dog this morning and the only reason why they were up for it was their new wellies! Lots of puddle jumping and mud walking, so much that the hose came out to clean the new boots on our return home.

All pictures are copyright of moors-mummy @Dartmoor Diaries.

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