Sunday, 2 February 2014

Project 365 #5

Week 5.
Where does that time go?
Last Sunday it rained non stop, the boys had played on everything and where getting - dare i say it - bored when they grouped together and started doing this. Playing games together - nicely.  They must have played 4 or 5 different ones and it was lovely to see.

Monday, Monkey had been playing with the 3D glasses and was wearing them just for fun. It had to be taken!

Tuesday, I dropped moors-daddy off for a run and on my way back took this picture looking out over Tavistock Golf Course.

Wednesday, I had unexpected cuddles with Bert.  He very rarely comes into the lounge, especially if the boys are in there so it was lovely to have him cuddled up against me in the evening.

Thursday.  The boys received some balloon copters from Santa this year and they decided to get them out and have a go.  They are great except for the noise they make, which the boys very quickly learnt could be made just from blowing through the valve! SQUEAK!

Friday.  Beanie went out for the evening with his nanny and Uncle, Aunt and cousin.  He was treated to a trip into Plymouth's Theatre Royal to see the Lion King. It was a very late night, he eventually got into bed at 11:30pm at nanny's house and was full of it the next morning when I picked him up. I think we can say he enjoyed it.

Saturday.  It was just me and the little two that walked the dog this morning and the only reason why they were up for it was their new wellies! Lots of puddle jumping and mud walking, so much that the hose came out to clean the new boots on our return home.

All pictures are copyright of moors-mummy @Dartmoor Diaries.

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  1. Loving the new blog Ellie. Looking forward to reading future posts :-)

    1. Thanks Gina,
      I'm getting there slowly, still have so much more that I would like to do! xx