Sunday, 16 February 2014

Project 365 #7

Project 365 week 7.

Where is the time going?

Sunday, another wet day, more games.  This time it was the boys marble run.  A great present from Santa this Christmas, and the y all like playing with it.

Monday.  A new week.  Even though Worm is slowly growing out of his naps, after a day at nursery there are some days when, no matter how hard we try to keep him awake, he just goes!

Tuesday.  Monkey came home from school with a picture for us.  Inspired by the Winter Olympics, this is us, a family of five on a huge snowboard.  Note, I am pink with long hair, moors-daddy resembles daddy pig, and Monkey is orange, his favourite colour!

Wednesday.  What more is there to say than, cat in the sink.

Thursday evening. An early night for me, not the best picture but me in bed with my Kobo and a cat!

Friday. As the wind started to pick up, and the rain fell, I knew we would be lucky to get away unscathed this time. The first of the damage was a fence panel in the back garden.
You can just about see where it was, past the washing line! Moors-daddy retrieved it from the neighbours garden on Saturday.  We have also lost a slate off the main roof and a bit of trim from the fascias. Nothing major compared to some out there - all easily fixable!

Saturday. Mum and Dad went to check on the beach house and to see if there was any damage over there.  Luckily there is none and it seems to have coped well. On their way home they went to Portwrinkle, a small fishing village just along the coast where my dad moors his boat in the summer months.  The sea has battered the harbour, and mum took this picture (quite good for her!) of the hole that has formed in the harbour wall.

Joining in with The Boy and Me for Project 365.

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  1. My boys love marble run! We also have a cat that chooses to sleep in the sink! #project365

  2. I really look forward to joining the world of marbles when our younger child is a bit older. Amazing pictire of the sea wall - glad that your own damage was not so bad. Love the cat in the sink - great photos!