Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sometimes it pays to wait! Our potty training week!


Born May 2010.

Stubborn, hilariously funny, annoying.

A late walker (22 months), average talker (can't actually remember when that happened!)

Lover of nappies!!

Both Beanie and Monkey were toilet trained and dry at night by 3.  Beanie was actually 2 and a half, Monkey took a little longer, but did it all with weeks!

Worm is a totally different story.

"He loves his nappies".

I knew last summer that it had to be done, and believe me I've tried and even though at times I have thought he was ready, physically, I was not prepared for the emotional upheaval it would cause.
I have tried him in pants a few times, with the same results. Worm not knowing when he needed to go and a puddle on the floor, at which point he'd kick off, full tantrum about how he didn't want to wear pants and that he loved his nappy!  I just had to admit that emotionally he wasn't ready for it.

At Christmas I was determined, now or never, no going back, but the same happened. The first puddle on the floor and it was if the world was ending, full tantrum and I love my nappy!

At that point I decided that every holiday we would try, no pressure, if he couldn't cope it didn't matter, but actually in the back of my head I was thinking he has to do this - he starts school in September, he can't go wearing nappies.

So February half term drew nearer, in my mind, I was going to try again, though part of me had little expectation of him.  My plan was swimming Saturday morning, not taking a nappy and making him wear pants, pants or nothing.  It didn't happen.  Last Friday night I was hit by the sickness bug, I spent all night throwing up, we didn't make it to swimming.  The boys played all day whilst I laid on the sofa feeling awful. Moors-daddy went to work and I called my parents to come and take the boys away. I was in bed at 5:30pm.  I did however pack their overnight bags, and in Worms I put pants. My mum was under strict instruction to tell him in the morning that she had no nappies - pants or nothing. I felt much better the next morning and went to pick them up just before lunch.  He was happily wearing his pants and had had no accidents.  He refused to wee before we left for home.   Had a paddy in the car when we arrived at home and wet himself in the car. Fear not, I took him inside and stripped him off and told him pants or nothing, he chose nothing.  For the rest of the afternoon he went around with nothing on from his waist down.  At one point he was playing in the lounge with Monkey when he shouted "Mummy, I've done a wee", I looked to see two drops on the carpets and hurried him to the toilet, sat him on and listened to him tinkling, a huge grin on his face. Still he chose to wear nothing.  Later in the afternoon the sun came out and the boys wanted to go out on their scooters, Worms choice was pants/ trousers and scooter or nothing. He wore pants. No accidents.  We had one small (tiny weeny) wee at dinner time on Sunday, but nothing that reached the floor, so really insignificant!  The rest of the week, we have done the shopping trip, a trip to the zoo, granny has taken him to the hairdressers, soft play and he has worn his pants, every day, all day. In total we have had 3 accidents.

He has done amazingly, he has taken it all in his stride, with not one hissy fit in sight.

He has grown up this week so much and I know that tomorrow when he goes to nursery he will tell his teacher with the utmost pride,

that he is now a big boy and he now wears big boy pants!

(and I know his teacher, like his mother will breath a huge sigh of relief, that he has finally done it!)

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