Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The start of new things...

When I started this blog I said how different life in the moors household was going to be.

I may have got that slightly wrong.

After 6 months of not working and living off my redundancy money, (that we had earmarked for other 'projects'), the realisation has hit home.  I am now working, doing supply teaching across both secondary and key stage 2, and am actually really enjoying it. But, the money is nowhere near what I was earning in permanent employment and so I seem to be working more, for less money. My tutoring is slowly picking up, which is good, but things that we were hoping to do, have been put on the back burner and we are waiting until the money starts flowing in a bit more regularly.

However, our plans are still there, to do up the garden, get a greenhouse and grow our own.  My dad is waiting for his monster greenhouse to be delivered and we have found a second hand one on our local Facebook selling page.  We saw it last weekend, and it is perfect for us, the right size, 8ft x 6ft, and polycarbon sheeting and not glass so perfect for the football loving boys! An ideal started greenhouse until we can afford a decent one.  So weather permitting this weekend, we (I say we, I mean moors-daddy and my dad) are going to go and dismantle it and bring it home.  Even though we are far from ready for it, our fence needs to be repaired, ground levelled, sleepers bought, it's the first step and a positive one!


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