Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project 365 #13

Project 365 week 13

Sunday - Moors-daddy was working so the boys and I went to my parents for lunch.  We walked over, taking the short cut over the moors, they are only two streets away! The little two insisted on taking some toys with them, so loaded up their backpacks; like the grandparents house doesn't have enough!! This is them walking along the top of our road, packed and ready! (Only when I got there did I realise that Worm's bag only had two tiny little cars in it!)

Monday - a productive week in the garden with sure signs that spring is here!  Firstly the radishes are growing well.  We put them in the ground in the greenhouse yesterday!

Tuesday- I spotted this in the garden, blossom on the Nectarine tree!

Wednesday - Indy cat walking along the fence, the more I look at him, the bigger he seems to get, thankfully it's all fluff!

Thursday - the first signs of the cucumber plants!

Friday - we have had a few weeks of achievements at swimming. (Mummy just needs to get sewing now!)  Worm has passed his Ducklings award and moved up to Stage 1, he did this 3 weeks ago and this week we got their assessments and he's nearly passed stage 1 too.  The other two are Monkey's, who has become a bit of a fish! He loves swimming under water, has ventured into the big pool and this week has achieved both his 5m badge and has passed Stage 2.

Saturday - My Mothers Day  flowers, a day early I know, but there's no point in trying to hide them overnight!

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Project 365 #12

Project 365 week 12.

Where does the time go?

Sunday. The weather was okay and so the boys were out in the garden for light saber battles! I have no idea what beanie is doing in this picture but is obviously fighting an invisible Jedi, also note, moors-daddy has two light sabers to fend off the attack of two boys!

Monday evening after a very hectic day of work, swimming lessons, tutoring, cubs etc etc, I came into the lounge after putting the boys to bed to find dear old Stanley dog helping himself to the leftovers. He didn't even bat an eye lid when I entered but just carried on licking away!

Tuesday, after my second full day of work on my first full week in 11 years, my hips were beginning to struggle, this was my first lots of medication before bed. 3 different ones, followed by another 2 after.  I managed the full week, but why schools have so many stairs. This weekend has also been a struggle and I will be taking more of these before bed tonight to prepare me for my second full week of work!

Wednesday, another day of work and moors daddy suggested curry for tea, I agreed thinking it would be a co-op 'bing' (microwave) meal but he actually went all out and went to the take away! It was lovely but way too much for me!

Thursday. I am desperate to get a picture of these two together. We had a cat when we got Stanley dog, 9 years ago and so he has grown up with them around him. The relationship between these two though is amazing. Every time Max comes into the lounge he heads straight for the dog and continues to rub his head across the dogs nose and face, purring the whole time.  The dog just lets him get on with it.  We expect to find them curled up together in bed but they never have!

Friday.  We have been having a few issues getting this one to bed lately, he has been so good, then all of a sudden, he's started saying that he doesn't want to go to bed and playing up.  Usually in order to stop him waking Monkey up (they share a room) I take him into the spare bedroom, lay him on the sofa bed and put Fireman Sam on and leave him till he falls asleep. This week he didn't want to know, he was still up at 10:30 fighting it, so I told him I didn't care where he slept as long as he went to sleep.  I went to bed at 11:30 to find him fast asleep in my bed! Like butter wouldn't melt!

Saturday. My first day at home this week and our first real chance to look in the greenhouse.  The radishes are shooting!!!!!!!
No signs yet of anything else but the boys were excited to see little green shoots poking through the ground!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Project 365 #11

Project 365 week 11.

Sunday, the seeds we bought on Saturday, ready alongside my Vegetable expert book, to be planted. We have strawberries, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, leaf salad, peas, carrots and runner beans!

Monday - a little more tweeking with the greenhouse, pots now where I think I want them, but it still may change!

Tuesday, a beautiful blue skied dog walk!

Wednesday - most of my flowers have been removed to make way for vegetables, but I have big long term plans for our garden, one day I may just get them draw up, but for the time, these are my only flowers in our back garden!!

Thursday - I bought this one the way home from my brothers on Wednesday, stopping off at Plymouth Garden Centre to buy new secateurs, I saw this book and bought it. I want to find what I call everyday slow cooker recipes, nothing fancy, that I can prep the night before and put on before I leave for work.  There's a small chance I may be going back full time in September! So trying to get organised!

Friday - fun and frolics, Beanie and Worm watching TV!

Saturday - the boys have been helping in the garden. We have planted our seeds. Top row, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers and below is radishes and carrots.  I left Monkey in charge of the tomatoes, gave him half a dozen seeds, returned to find he'd planted the whole packet (20), may have to sell a couple of them to the neighbours!

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Project 365 #10

Project 365, week 10

Sunday, walking the  dog I spotted this tree, blown over and split down the middle, amazing when you consider it is situated amongst lots of other trees and this is the only one blown over. You'd think the other trees would offer some protection.

Monday. Worm has moved up swimming groups, mid term.  The only availability they had was on a Monday evening, not great for us as I tutor every Monday for 2 hours, but Mum said she didn't mind taking him.  His lesson was at four and when mum returned him and the other two home at six he was still wearing his new red swimming hat!

Tuesday. A rainy day but moors-daddy was determined to make a start on the greenhouse!

Wednesday. It's up and finished, now all he needs to do is prepare the base and then landscape around it!

Thursday, World Book Day. Thankfully this year we didn't have to dress up. The school held a book fair at the end of the day with one of our local, independent book shops hosting it.  Beanie was beginning to show that he is not that well and wasn't interested in it but Monkey got a football annual and Worm got this lovely little book about starting school. Ready for September!

Friday, I worked all day but came home to find moors-daddy and my dad busy working!
Finished ready to go!

Saturday, with the greenhouse complete it was time to get thinking about seeds, so we took a trip to Plymouth and B&Q.  Worm had a tantrum over a red watering can and we bought compost, lots of seeds, and some paving slabs to create the path up the middle. On our return Worm fell asleep and Monkey did the big brotherly thing of supporting his head! (Photo taken by Beanie)

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Derriford Hospital and again and again!

You know the saying, you wait for a bus and three come along at once.
Yep that one.
Bad things come in threes.
That one too!

That applies to my week and the number of visits to Derriford Hospital.

Saturday, a trip to A&E. Worm, 3 walks down our front steps as he does everyday, holding the hand rail, he gets to the bottom and forgets to let go but keeps on walking, throwing himself over, landing on the floor (tarmac) on his left elbow. Cue scream.
I pick him up, run him inside and try to console him. Normally with cuts and  scratches he calms quite quickly, but not this time, he sobs for half an hour, constantly saying it hurts and more worryingly is the fact that he keeps it raised above his head the whole time.  My head tells me that's not right. He won't let me look at it.  Cue Minors at Tavistock. Arm still held in the air in the car. Luckily Uncle M is at our house to look after the other two.  We get to minors and somehow manage to wriggle him out of his jumper. His elbow is blackening and swelling in front of us. The nurse doesn't get a look in and looks at us with the tell tale face of - you need to go to Derriford.
We return home, and get Uncle M to taxi the other two into Granny's - a trip in Uncle M's car - they love it! We take Worm into Derriford A&E.  He is seen quite quickly and given more medicine, they had given him Calpol at Tavi and he had Ibruprofen at Derriford, in the hope that the pain would ease enough for them to be able to X-ray it. He was such a brave little boy. He stood to have his arm x-rayed and the man who did it then showed him the inside of his arm. He wasn't that interested, me,  I was looking carefully to see if there were any breaks or fractures - which thankfully there weren't. After 2 and a half hours in A&E, Worms arm came back to life, a combination of pain relief and getting the feeling back! We think he may have landed on his funny bone and given himself a dead arm, which even as adults we know can be very painful, so understandably for a 3 year old must be a horrible and a very painful experience. We went home and over the next few days it had bruised but his "elbow is much better now".

Sunday, 4:30pm. The phone rings. Dad. He starts speaking and I can hear his voice trembling.  Mums collapsed, she's at Tavi Hospital but they have called an Ambulance to take her to Derriford. He's gone home and phoned me. She had been out and on returning home had felt funny, dad had pulled over and she had gotten out and taken some fresh air. She collapsed, dad caught her and helped her to the ground, she came round, got up and collapsed again. Someone stopped their car and offered to help dad, and got mum into the lady's car. She rang an ambulance, but mum had come back around and was feeling better. The ambulance was cancelled and mum and dad and the lady continued on their way. Dad wasn't happy that mum was 100% so stopped off at Tavi hospital, where they called an ambulance! Dad had come home as they were pet sitting for my brother, when I heard the emotion in his voice I headed straight round to his.  I offered to go on into Derriford but he wanted me to go with him to my brothers to drop the animals off before heading into hospital to see mum.  I don't think he wanted to go alone.  I know he would struggle if anything happened to her and I am grateful they are only two streets away.
We went in to find her sat upright, talking away (as usual) and fine in herself. Wired up to everything, everything being checked. They kept her in overnight and sent her home on Monday morning. Nothing wrong. Unexplained.

Today. Thursday. My turn, but this time an appointment. RA, my dear friend. An guided injection into a Bursitis in my right foot, between my third and fourth toe. Oh the pain, then relief and then pain. Now walking around like an old lady unable to put any weight on my foot. I'm guessing it will improve but as it's my first one, I'm not really sure. In and out within 15 minutes! Work tomorrow could be fun!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Project 365 #9

Project 365 week 9.

Please just have a quick look at this weeks pictures, I will write about them tomorrow, have had a manic weekend with two trips to A&E in two days!

All well, panic over and back to normal.

Monday, I attended a Learn to Crochet course. 3 hours this took me and once I was home I'd forgotten what I'd done!  Need to practice!

Sunday ( I know they are in the wrong order!) Beanie is off to London on a school trip in a few weeks. they had to make a model of Tower Bridge (art isn't his strong point!)

Tuesday, Sharing the bed tonight with two cats, and I love how they always sleep on my side and either side of my legs!

My signage has arrived!  Magnetic signs for the car advertising my business. One booking achieved from them already! Result!
Beanie got this book and The Sith Path for Christmas and his Birthday, he has read and reread them already. This was out in the lounge again on Thursday.

Friday, Dog taking liberties every night now, and the boys made sure he was snuggled before they went to bed (he didn't care at all!)

Saturday. Half way through the swimming term and Worm has been moved up to stage 1. Here's his Ducklings 5 badge. He is so proud!

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