Thursday, 6 March 2014

Derriford Hospital and again and again!

You know the saying, you wait for a bus and three come along at once.
Yep that one.
Bad things come in threes.
That one too!

That applies to my week and the number of visits to Derriford Hospital.

Saturday, a trip to A&E. Worm, 3 walks down our front steps as he does everyday, holding the hand rail, he gets to the bottom and forgets to let go but keeps on walking, throwing himself over, landing on the floor (tarmac) on his left elbow. Cue scream.
I pick him up, run him inside and try to console him. Normally with cuts and  scratches he calms quite quickly, but not this time, he sobs for half an hour, constantly saying it hurts and more worryingly is the fact that he keeps it raised above his head the whole time.  My head tells me that's not right. He won't let me look at it.  Cue Minors at Tavistock. Arm still held in the air in the car. Luckily Uncle M is at our house to look after the other two.  We get to minors and somehow manage to wriggle him out of his jumper. His elbow is blackening and swelling in front of us. The nurse doesn't get a look in and looks at us with the tell tale face of - you need to go to Derriford.
We return home, and get Uncle M to taxi the other two into Granny's - a trip in Uncle M's car - they love it! We take Worm into Derriford A&E.  He is seen quite quickly and given more medicine, they had given him Calpol at Tavi and he had Ibruprofen at Derriford, in the hope that the pain would ease enough for them to be able to X-ray it. He was such a brave little boy. He stood to have his arm x-rayed and the man who did it then showed him the inside of his arm. He wasn't that interested, me,  I was looking carefully to see if there were any breaks or fractures - which thankfully there weren't. After 2 and a half hours in A&E, Worms arm came back to life, a combination of pain relief and getting the feeling back! We think he may have landed on his funny bone and given himself a dead arm, which even as adults we know can be very painful, so understandably for a 3 year old must be a horrible and a very painful experience. We went home and over the next few days it had bruised but his "elbow is much better now".

Sunday, 4:30pm. The phone rings. Dad. He starts speaking and I can hear his voice trembling.  Mums collapsed, she's at Tavi Hospital but they have called an Ambulance to take her to Derriford. He's gone home and phoned me. She had been out and on returning home had felt funny, dad had pulled over and she had gotten out and taken some fresh air. She collapsed, dad caught her and helped her to the ground, she came round, got up and collapsed again. Someone stopped their car and offered to help dad, and got mum into the lady's car. She rang an ambulance, but mum had come back around and was feeling better. The ambulance was cancelled and mum and dad and the lady continued on their way. Dad wasn't happy that mum was 100% so stopped off at Tavi hospital, where they called an ambulance! Dad had come home as they were pet sitting for my brother, when I heard the emotion in his voice I headed straight round to his.  I offered to go on into Derriford but he wanted me to go with him to my brothers to drop the animals off before heading into hospital to see mum.  I don't think he wanted to go alone.  I know he would struggle if anything happened to her and I am grateful they are only two streets away.
We went in to find her sat upright, talking away (as usual) and fine in herself. Wired up to everything, everything being checked. They kept her in overnight and sent her home on Monday morning. Nothing wrong. Unexplained.

Today. Thursday. My turn, but this time an appointment. RA, my dear friend. An guided injection into a Bursitis in my right foot, between my third and fourth toe. Oh the pain, then relief and then pain. Now walking around like an old lady unable to put any weight on my foot. I'm guessing it will improve but as it's my first one, I'm not really sure. In and out within 15 minutes! Work tomorrow could be fun!

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