Sunday, 9 March 2014

Project 365 #10

Project 365, week 10

Sunday, walking the  dog I spotted this tree, blown over and split down the middle, amazing when you consider it is situated amongst lots of other trees and this is the only one blown over. You'd think the other trees would offer some protection.

Monday. Worm has moved up swimming groups, mid term.  The only availability they had was on a Monday evening, not great for us as I tutor every Monday for 2 hours, but Mum said she didn't mind taking him.  His lesson was at four and when mum returned him and the other two home at six he was still wearing his new red swimming hat!

Tuesday. A rainy day but moors-daddy was determined to make a start on the greenhouse!

Wednesday. It's up and finished, now all he needs to do is prepare the base and then landscape around it!

Thursday, World Book Day. Thankfully this year we didn't have to dress up. The school held a book fair at the end of the day with one of our local, independent book shops hosting it.  Beanie was beginning to show that he is not that well and wasn't interested in it but Monkey got a football annual and Worm got this lovely little book about starting school. Ready for September!

Friday, I worked all day but came home to find moors-daddy and my dad busy working!
Finished ready to go!

Saturday, with the greenhouse complete it was time to get thinking about seeds, so we took a trip to Plymouth and B&Q.  Worm had a tantrum over a red watering can and we bought compost, lots of seeds, and some paving slabs to create the path up the middle. On our return Worm fell asleep and Monkey did the big brotherly thing of supporting his head! (Photo taken by Beanie)

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  1. Great greenhouse! He looks very pleased with himself in his new swim cap.

  2. oohhh the greenhouse is fab, I would love one and to do amazing things with it in my garden, but its not going to happen, not this year anyway. I love the holding the head up picture.