Sunday, 16 March 2014

Project 365 #11

Project 365 week 11.

Sunday, the seeds we bought on Saturday, ready alongside my Vegetable expert book, to be planted. We have strawberries, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, leaf salad, peas, carrots and runner beans!

Monday - a little more tweeking with the greenhouse, pots now where I think I want them, but it still may change!

Tuesday, a beautiful blue skied dog walk!

Wednesday - most of my flowers have been removed to make way for vegetables, but I have big long term plans for our garden, one day I may just get them draw up, but for the time, these are my only flowers in our back garden!!

Thursday - I bought this one the way home from my brothers on Wednesday, stopping off at Plymouth Garden Centre to buy new secateurs, I saw this book and bought it. I want to find what I call everyday slow cooker recipes, nothing fancy, that I can prep the night before and put on before I leave for work.  There's a small chance I may be going back full time in September! So trying to get organised!

Friday - fun and frolics, Beanie and Worm watching TV!

Saturday - the boys have been helping in the garden. We have planted our seeds. Top row, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers and below is radishes and carrots.  I left Monkey in charge of the tomatoes, gave him half a dozen seeds, returned to find he'd planted the whole packet (20), may have to sell a couple of them to the neighbours!

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  1. we need to think about making a start to our vegetables Need to decide what we are going to grow. Why is it children cannot actually just sit and watch tv? the grandchildren have to fidget and fiddle and fight and jump about as well.