Sunday, 23 March 2014

Project 365 #12

Project 365 week 12.

Where does the time go?

Sunday. The weather was okay and so the boys were out in the garden for light saber battles! I have no idea what beanie is doing in this picture but is obviously fighting an invisible Jedi, also note, moors-daddy has two light sabers to fend off the attack of two boys!

Monday evening after a very hectic day of work, swimming lessons, tutoring, cubs etc etc, I came into the lounge after putting the boys to bed to find dear old Stanley dog helping himself to the leftovers. He didn't even bat an eye lid when I entered but just carried on licking away!

Tuesday, after my second full day of work on my first full week in 11 years, my hips were beginning to struggle, this was my first lots of medication before bed. 3 different ones, followed by another 2 after.  I managed the full week, but why schools have so many stairs. This weekend has also been a struggle and I will be taking more of these before bed tonight to prepare me for my second full week of work!

Wednesday, another day of work and moors daddy suggested curry for tea, I agreed thinking it would be a co-op 'bing' (microwave) meal but he actually went all out and went to the take away! It was lovely but way too much for me!

Thursday. I am desperate to get a picture of these two together. We had a cat when we got Stanley dog, 9 years ago and so he has grown up with them around him. The relationship between these two though is amazing. Every time Max comes into the lounge he heads straight for the dog and continues to rub his head across the dogs nose and face, purring the whole time.  The dog just lets him get on with it.  We expect to find them curled up together in bed but they never have!

Friday.  We have been having a few issues getting this one to bed lately, he has been so good, then all of a sudden, he's started saying that he doesn't want to go to bed and playing up.  Usually in order to stop him waking Monkey up (they share a room) I take him into the spare bedroom, lay him on the sofa bed and put Fireman Sam on and leave him till he falls asleep. This week he didn't want to know, he was still up at 10:30 fighting it, so I told him I didn't care where he slept as long as he went to sleep.  I went to bed at 11:30 to find him fast asleep in my bed! Like butter wouldn't melt!

Saturday. My first day at home this week and our first real chance to look in the greenhouse.  The radishes are shooting!!!!!!!
No signs yet of anything else but the boys were excited to see little green shoots poking through the ground!

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