Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project 365 #13

Project 365 week 13

Sunday - Moors-daddy was working so the boys and I went to my parents for lunch.  We walked over, taking the short cut over the moors, they are only two streets away! The little two insisted on taking some toys with them, so loaded up their backpacks; like the grandparents house doesn't have enough!! This is them walking along the top of our road, packed and ready! (Only when I got there did I realise that Worm's bag only had two tiny little cars in it!)

Monday - a productive week in the garden with sure signs that spring is here!  Firstly the radishes are growing well.  We put them in the ground in the greenhouse yesterday!

Tuesday- I spotted this in the garden, blossom on the Nectarine tree!

Wednesday - Indy cat walking along the fence, the more I look at him, the bigger he seems to get, thankfully it's all fluff!

Thursday - the first signs of the cucumber plants!

Friday - we have had a few weeks of achievements at swimming. (Mummy just needs to get sewing now!)  Worm has passed his Ducklings award and moved up to Stage 1, he did this 3 weeks ago and this week we got their assessments and he's nearly passed stage 1 too.  The other two are Monkey's, who has become a bit of a fish! He loves swimming under water, has ventured into the big pool and this week has achieved both his 5m badge and has passed Stage 2.

Saturday - My Mothers Day  flowers, a day early I know, but there's no point in trying to hide them overnight!

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  1. A beautiful bunch of flowers. So nice to see all the plants growing and your garden doing so well. #365

  2. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.