Sunday, 2 March 2014

Project 365 #9

Project 365 week 9.

Please just have a quick look at this weeks pictures, I will write about them tomorrow, have had a manic weekend with two trips to A&E in two days!

All well, panic over and back to normal.

Monday, I attended a Learn to Crochet course. 3 hours this took me and once I was home I'd forgotten what I'd done!  Need to practice!

Sunday ( I know they are in the wrong order!) Beanie is off to London on a school trip in a few weeks. they had to make a model of Tower Bridge (art isn't his strong point!)

Tuesday, Sharing the bed tonight with two cats, and I love how they always sleep on my side and either side of my legs!

My signage has arrived!  Magnetic signs for the car advertising my business. One booking achieved from them already! Result!
Beanie got this book and The Sith Path for Christmas and his Birthday, he has read and reread them already. This was out in the lounge again on Thursday.

Friday, Dog taking liberties every night now, and the boys made sure he was snuggled before they went to bed (he didn't care at all!)

Saturday. Half way through the swimming term and Worm has been moved up to stage 1. Here's his Ducklings 5 badge. He is so proud!

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  1. These are fascinating - love the bridge, we are Jedi and knitting fans here too. Hope A&E trips worked out ok!