Sunday, 27 April 2014

Project 365 #17

Project 365 week 17

And what a week it's been......

Sunday - the day of over indulging in chocolate (well for the boys at least!)  A piano top full of Easter Eggs. I am sure (I hope) everyone else's house looks just the same.

Monday - in the evening this little beauty came and sat at the back of the sofa, right next to me head. All curled up tight!

Tuesday - A bit blurry - sorry, but it was dark and it was a quick piccie trying not to wake him! This is Monkey, fast asleep in his pants, upside down on his bed with no covers on him at all.  He just doesn't feel the cold, I don't think he has ever spent a night under the covers!

Wednesday - we have also seen another out break of chicken pox his week, this time Worm and even though we thought Monkey was pickled it was nothing to what this little one has put up with. They were everywhere. Day 1 a few spots here and there.

Thursday - beginning to get more....

Friday - pickled all over, on his eyelids, up his nose, on his lips, I have never seen it so bad in a child. Here he is feeling sorry for himself and I don't blame him at all.

Saturday -A trip to Tesco and World Cup sticker books for all 3!

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sunshine and Sea!

I think it is fair to say that my heart and soul belong at the beach house!
I know that I don't go their often enough, and I would love to go more. But when the boys were little it was a struggle to do the cliff walk on my own with 3 small children, a steep cliff, a dog and one of those boys a child with no fear. As they get older, it gets easier and I hope that this year I will go there more on my own with the boys when Moors-daddy is working. It gives them a sense of freedom so many children do not get a chance to experience these days and one that I know I thrived on when I was growing up. I love this place. It isn't easy, it isn't mine, and so we are crammed into a 2 bed house with my parents and sometimes my Brother, sister in law and nephews, there isn't room for all of us. but I hope that every opportunity I get to be there this year I will be!
On Thursday we went over, all 5 of us for the first time this year. The sun was out and the tide and it was just beautiful.
Over the winter, things have changed, parts of the cliff paths has been washed away, along with a lot of the sand, and even though some of it has returned, there are places where things are showing that we haven't seen in a long time.

A lot of stones have appeared on our normally sandy beach, all the more for the boys to look at and find to collect!

Bucket and spade at the ready, we just need to find a sandy spot!

The start of the shell collection, it was nearly full by the time we left!

At their favourite rock pool, a little smaller and shallower than normal but there was still enough water to throw big stones into!

Picture above - clothed, picture below - starkers! My 3rd water baby!

Our prize find, a really beautiful, complete little shell!

And here it is this is the wreck of a ship that sank on the rocks years ago. I think I have only seen it like this once before. Occasionally  you see a small piece poking up through the sand, but today you could see most of the hull, along with many other bits that have broken off over the years.

Another day of sunshine and sea air. Three tired boys at the end of the day, the little two asleep in the car on the way home.

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Project 365 #16

Project 365 week 16

Sunday - a bit of mummy time. So I took the dog for his walk but went a little further than normal.  This is our local landmark on the edge of the moor, locals call it 'The Pimple' it is actually a reservoir, a very small one but the view from the other side is amazing on a good day! As you can see from the clouds it wasn't that good a day!

Monday - whilst we had been out and bout moors-daddy had popped into M&S and came back with some tortilla chips and this salsa, he wasn't that impressed but it was yummy - if not a little too hot!

Tuesday - we had planned a day out to Paignton Zoo.  Nanny and Grandad came along with a cousin and we spent the whole day there.  The boys loved it, walked miles and bar Monkey getting car sick on the way up - it was a fab day. The highlights were on seeing two baboons 'at it' Monkey shouting out, "why is that monkey wiggling his bum?", much to the delight of most adults around the enclosure and for me the tortoises - I just love them!

Wednesday - we had a quiet (ish) day at home whilst the little two spent the day at Granny and Grandads.  We spent most of the day out in the garden and we went on a bike ride with Beanie along Drake's Trail from Tavistock to Horrabridge (5 mile round trip) but didn't take a camera! We made some decisions about the garden, or I did, and some lawn is going to make way for a vege patch. Luckily I don't have many flowers in the garden (yet) as they would get squished by a football regularly, so here is about all I do have!
(Oh and Worm (my baby) got his school place today, I only put one choice as I knew I'd get it, so for 12 months only, all 3 at one school - I can't wait!)

Thursday - another planned day out. This time to the Beach house. Our first visit this year and the sun was shining. The boys went on the beach, found a bucket full of shells, threw stones in the rock pools and Worm, stripped off and went totally naked! Here is the prize find!

Friday - Indy cat came and sat on the arm of the sofa, picture time!

Saturday - excitement is in the air tonight, they are all in bed and the Easter Bunny has done it's job! Eggs hidden, letter written, and is now relaxing with a G&T in hand!!

Happy Easter!!

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Project 365 #15

Project 365 week 15.

We started the week with the middle boy being covered in chicken pox! So lots of time at home this week, recovering!

Sunday - the little two spent the day playing (nicely) together. Here they are as the Emergency Services coming down the stairs!

Monday - the buds on our cherry tree are beginning to open!

Tuesday - another day at home in the garden.  Here we have Bill and Ben the flower pot men aka Monkey and Worm!

Wednesday - we spent the day clearing out the garage, and found the fold up chairs, here's Worm showing how they should be sat in, legs crossed!

Thursday- time for a selfie from the little two!

Friday - after a trip to the cinema we went up the moors for some Kite Flying Fun!

Saturday - it's amazing what a couple of days in the garden can do! Cherry blossom open!

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Kite flying fun!

Having been stuck in the house for most of the week with Monkey covered in chicken pox. It was lovely today to get out side and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

We treated the boys to a trip to our local (little) cinema, The Wharf in Tavistock, to see the Lego Movie this afternoon followed by a quick trip to the park. The two older boys loved the movie, as did moors-daddy but Worm fell asleep about 15 minutes in and woke up about five minutes from the end! Typical!

On returning home we decided on a whole family dog walk, with a football and 2 kites. It was just breezy enough and Worm and Beanie both flew the kites for quite some time whilst Monkey played football with moors-daddy.

Worm loved flying the kite. 

I think he may have been a little optimistic with the sun hat, but he insisted on wearing it!

The two boys flew them really well, keeping them far enough apart so they didn't tangle up. 

After they had had enough of kite flying they moved onto Rough and Tumble football. 
The boys version of football but where moors-daddy is allowed to push and throw them onto the floor every time they go in for a tackle.  A much loved game that always results in grass stained knees!

Love living where we do, and having the countryside on out doorstep!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Holiday booked!

What with having lost my job last summer and then not working for 6 months, we had decided that this year we would forgo our annual holiday to France, and would instead spend some time at the Beach House over the summer holidays as a family.

That was until last week when moors-daddy returned from work and asked how I'd feel about going for a week away with his crew mate, his wife and their 2 year old son.  Obviously the chance of a holiday (whether we can afford it or not) is always going to go down well, and so I agreed. A holiday with good friends - fab!

Then they started looking and even though we could find campsites to stay on, the accommodation choices were not great for us, mostly 2 bedroom caravans which would mean all 3 boys in one room. However, our biggest problem was actually the ferry crossing. We live 30 minutes from Plymouth so Plymouth to Roscoff is ideal for us but we could only manage one crossing via this route and then for the other we would have to go via either Poole or Portsmouth.  The men spent hours trying to find something but we all just felt that if we were camping and travelling down we would ideally like more than a week in the sun and with no massive car journey/crossing.

We abandoned the idea.

Today, the boys (men) have booked our holiday.

There are 8 of us going, for 7 nights in August. We are experiencing our first package holiday as a family. The boy's first experience of a aeroplane flight, a hotel and all inclusive.  It is somewhere where I have never been.

We are off to Gran Canaria!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Project 365 #14

Project 365 week 14

This is my one and only picture this week. It's not that I haven't taken my one a day, I have; dinner, cats sleeping together, the attack of the chicken pox, bath time, but I have no evidence. Why?
Yesterday Worm was playing with my phone, he had been on it a while and had gone noticeably quiet. When I asked him what he was doing his reply was "putting them in the rubbish bin". At first I didn't understand and then the realisation hit. The little bugger had deleted my photos and was slowly working his way through the last two weeks! Cue mummy going nuts!
This one for some reason he kept. Monkey cuddling the dog and playing games on his iPod. 

So I know it's not really a 365 this week and I am gutted!
Please let me continue!! :)

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