Friday, 11 April 2014

Holiday booked!

What with having lost my job last summer and then not working for 6 months, we had decided that this year we would forgo our annual holiday to France, and would instead spend some time at the Beach House over the summer holidays as a family.

That was until last week when moors-daddy returned from work and asked how I'd feel about going for a week away with his crew mate, his wife and their 2 year old son.  Obviously the chance of a holiday (whether we can afford it or not) is always going to go down well, and so I agreed. A holiday with good friends - fab!

Then they started looking and even though we could find campsites to stay on, the accommodation choices were not great for us, mostly 2 bedroom caravans which would mean all 3 boys in one room. However, our biggest problem was actually the ferry crossing. We live 30 minutes from Plymouth so Plymouth to Roscoff is ideal for us but we could only manage one crossing via this route and then for the other we would have to go via either Poole or Portsmouth.  The men spent hours trying to find something but we all just felt that if we were camping and travelling down we would ideally like more than a week in the sun and with no massive car journey/crossing.

We abandoned the idea.

Today, the boys (men) have booked our holiday.

There are 8 of us going, for 7 nights in August. We are experiencing our first package holiday as a family. The boy's first experience of a aeroplane flight, a hotel and all inclusive.  It is somewhere where I have never been.

We are off to Gran Canaria!!

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