Sunday, 13 April 2014

Project 365 #15

Project 365 week 15.

We started the week with the middle boy being covered in chicken pox! So lots of time at home this week, recovering!

Sunday - the little two spent the day playing (nicely) together. Here they are as the Emergency Services coming down the stairs!

Monday - the buds on our cherry tree are beginning to open!

Tuesday - another day at home in the garden.  Here we have Bill and Ben the flower pot men aka Monkey and Worm!

Wednesday - we spent the day clearing out the garage, and found the fold up chairs, here's Worm showing how they should be sat in, legs crossed!

Thursday- time for a selfie from the little two!

Friday - after a trip to the cinema we went up the moors for some Kite Flying Fun!

Saturday - it's amazing what a couple of days in the garden can do! Cherry blossom open!

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