Saturday, 19 April 2014

Project 365 #16

Project 365 week 16

Sunday - a bit of mummy time. So I took the dog for his walk but went a little further than normal.  This is our local landmark on the edge of the moor, locals call it 'The Pimple' it is actually a reservoir, a very small one but the view from the other side is amazing on a good day! As you can see from the clouds it wasn't that good a day!

Monday - whilst we had been out and bout moors-daddy had popped into M&S and came back with some tortilla chips and this salsa, he wasn't that impressed but it was yummy - if not a little too hot!

Tuesday - we had planned a day out to Paignton Zoo.  Nanny and Grandad came along with a cousin and we spent the whole day there.  The boys loved it, walked miles and bar Monkey getting car sick on the way up - it was a fab day. The highlights were on seeing two baboons 'at it' Monkey shouting out, "why is that monkey wiggling his bum?", much to the delight of most adults around the enclosure and for me the tortoises - I just love them!

Wednesday - we had a quiet (ish) day at home whilst the little two spent the day at Granny and Grandads.  We spent most of the day out in the garden and we went on a bike ride with Beanie along Drake's Trail from Tavistock to Horrabridge (5 mile round trip) but didn't take a camera! We made some decisions about the garden, or I did, and some lawn is going to make way for a vege patch. Luckily I don't have many flowers in the garden (yet) as they would get squished by a football regularly, so here is about all I do have!
(Oh and Worm (my baby) got his school place today, I only put one choice as I knew I'd get it, so for 12 months only, all 3 at one school - I can't wait!)

Thursday - another planned day out. This time to the Beach house. Our first visit this year and the sun was shining. The boys went on the beach, found a bucket full of shells, threw stones in the rock pools and Worm, stripped off and went totally naked! Here is the prize find!

Friday - Indy cat came and sat on the arm of the sofa, picture time!

Saturday - excitement is in the air tonight, they are all in bed and the Easter Bunny has done it's job! Eggs hidden, letter written, and is now relaxing with a G&T in hand!!

Happy Easter!!

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  1. We love Paignton Zoo. I did the same with applying with applying for 1 school only x

  2. What a beautiful and unusual looking cat. Sounds a though you totally deserve your G&T.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.