Sunday, 27 April 2014

Project 365 #17

Project 365 week 17

And what a week it's been......

Sunday - the day of over indulging in chocolate (well for the boys at least!)  A piano top full of Easter Eggs. I am sure (I hope) everyone else's house looks just the same.

Monday - in the evening this little beauty came and sat at the back of the sofa, right next to me head. All curled up tight!

Tuesday - A bit blurry - sorry, but it was dark and it was a quick piccie trying not to wake him! This is Monkey, fast asleep in his pants, upside down on his bed with no covers on him at all.  He just doesn't feel the cold, I don't think he has ever spent a night under the covers!

Wednesday - we have also seen another out break of chicken pox his week, this time Worm and even though we thought Monkey was pickled it was nothing to what this little one has put up with. They were everywhere. Day 1 a few spots here and there.

Thursday - beginning to get more....

Friday - pickled all over, on his eyelids, up his nose, on his lips, I have never seen it so bad in a child. Here he is feeling sorry for himself and I don't blame him at all.

Saturday -A trip to Tesco and World Cup sticker books for all 3!

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  1. Oh dear bad case of the chicken pox poor thing. Wonder how much of that chocolate is left? #365