Sunday, 4 May 2014

Project 365 #18

Project 365 week 18

Sunday, a morning dog walk and everything looked so green. (you can just see the dog!)

Monday, hubby was home and when we went to bed two out of the three cats decided to join us. One, Max decided to lie between us on his back legs in the air!

Tuesday, Monkey has wanted to go to football training for ages, so this week he went with moors-daddy.  He was the youngest there and so was too shy to join in, we will keep taking him until he plucks up the courage to join in.

Wednesday, another day of transforming the garden.  Today we (moors-daddy) dug up half of the lower lawn.  The boys had agreed to it, work has started on our vegetable beds!

Thursday, talking of vegetables, they are growing away in the greenhouse.  These are our cucumbers at the front and courgettes at the back.

Friday - a treat, moors-daddy went shopping and bought me a chocolate orange! It didn't last long!

Saturday a weekend at home so time on the moors with the boys, playing football and enjoying the weather!

Joining up with The Boy and Me for Project 365.

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  1. He looks cute ready for the footie. Interesting cat photo! #project365

  2. Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.