Friday, 25 July 2014


Worm. 4 years old. About to start 'big' school. 
A few months ago every time the Zingzillas came onto CBeebies he would scream to turn it off. He hated the programme and then all of a sudden, over night he was asking to watch it. 
"But you don't like the Zingzillas!" 
"Yes, I do!"
So we put it on. 
Since then it has been on everyday. But more than that he recreates the programme, using anything he can find. To start with it was the apples and oranges from the fruit bowl. At grannies he made the rocks out of plasticine. Granny bought him a real coconut! Today he is using the marble run. Much more fruit friendly I have to say! 
When his new teachers came for their home visit, he was in the middle of recreating an episode (the one where coconut number 3 gets stuck - oh I know  it so well!) and his teachers were amazed! When he took his brother into school the following week they looked at him and said "Coconut number one!" He just grinned at them! 
I think we can say it has become an obsession!
Lovely but slightly mad!!

Love him!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Today's walk

Lovely little foals!

And mummy pony.

This tiny one was snoring his head off when I crept up on him!

Hedgerow plants and foxgloves. 

It's going to be another good year for blackberries. 


Close ups!