Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I've been away

I've been away for a while, not literally of course I'm still here living my life, continuing to do the things I do every day, but I haven't blogged. I just don't seem to have been able to find the time.  I have no idea how people fit everything in.

I have managed to  get back onto Blogger - I'd forgotten my password and everything, (that shows how long I've been away!!) but here I am again.

A lot has happened in the past six months.

But there's time to fill you in with all the details later.

I've posted two posts that were sat waiting in the back end, so even though they are summer related they are now up for you to see.

Hope you had a great Christmas and I'll see you some more in the New Year.

Beaching it!


We've been, we're back.

One week in Gran Canaria.  The boys first time on an aeroplane. With much anticipation and excitement we left the UK and the sun behind.

We arrived in Gran Canaria, to heat and lots of it. Worm slept through the landing! We knew it would be warm and it didn't disappoint.  Our hotel, Hotel Rhondo, was lovely, clean tidy and spacious for the five of us.  There were two rooms and a bathroom, a twin and a double with an extra bed for Worm.  We paid extra for the air conditioning but it was a must.  I think the average daily temperature whilst we were there was around 30 -32 degrees, too hot! Luckily we had the use of two pools, the one at our  hotel and the bungalows opposite, whose pool was slightly bigger and better equipped for the children.  Need less to say, this is where we spent most of our time. We did venture to the beach, taking advantage of the free bus link. Admittedly we were crammed in like sardines! The beach was lovely. Beautiful sand, rolling waves, Beanie loved the sea, going out with me or his dad and swimming though, over and sometimes under the waves, the water was so warm and I realised what I had missed out on with Beanie over the last ten years. I haven't ventured into the sea here for years, its far too cold, or maybe that's just me getting old! The other two are real sand diggers, but over there it just wasn't happening, the sand too fine to build sand castles and far too hot to walk on let alone sit on and dig!
We returned to the pool!
We were all inclusive so, drinks all day and all meals (which were really good - especially the Chinese) free!
We went with friends, who had the apartment next door, so of an evening the men would go down to the bar and Kate and I would sit on our balconies, though I went to bed early on many occasions.
It was a lovely break and I really enjoyed it but the heat was too much, even with factor 50 suncream I frazzled! It would be lovely when its a bit cooler - like October half term week.

Whilst out there my brother in law cat sat, and on the fourth day we received a text to say that he hadn't seen one of our cats since the day we left. Panic. We know the boys don't go far, most of this summer they have spent asleep in the garden, but knowing that the weather here had turned we feared the worse.  When we returned he still hadn't. Our only hope was that a neighbour had gone away the day after us and he could possibly be locked in.  Within an hour of being home I'd located him in her garage, meowing loud enough to make me feel that he was okay.  We then had an hour of phone calls and running around before we managed to get keys and get him out. A trip to the vet, to be told he was in remarkably good shape for a cat locked in for a week and then home.  He's curled up  next to me as I write, having ventured as far as next door since he's been back!