Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Last weekend it's hard to believe now, we were basking in glorious sunshine. On Sunday we decided to get out for a couple of hours. Considering where we live we really don't use Dartmoor enough! It was beautiful and the perfect weather for ice cream too. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Country Kids. Back to the Beach House.

Well Hello,
I haven't been here for a while.  Time to get back to blogging!  

Rame Head

Yesterday, we went to the beach house for the first time this year.  Even though it was cold, the sun shone for a while and the boys were adamant that they wanted to go on the beach.  I had gone prepared.  Knowing that Worm especially would be there, on the sand, and probably in the water.  I gave them all the choice of wellies, or for the little two, their crocs.  Monkey opted for wellies, and so his jeans were changed for his joggers, and his wellies were put on.  Worm opted for crocs which led me to think one thing, that he would end up in the water.

I changed his jeans for joggers, and grabbed a pair of swimming trunks from the chest of drawers, along with a towel.  We set off down the cliff, as we neared the bottom, Worm pipes up "so who's is coming in with me?" I looked at him and laughed, knowing that his intention was there and then replied, "no-one it's too cold!' "uh!" was all I got in reply.  As soon as we hit sand the crocs were off. I stripped his bottom half and put the swimmers on him and he was gone.  Running through the shallow pools, splashing, picking up stones and attempting to skim them across the water, with his brothers, both appropriately wrapped for winter!
My parents and I laughed, knowing that given time, he would fall and land face first, and we didn't have to wait long!  His jumper wet, his smile growing by the second! Another layer stripped off, more running, splashing and jumping, and then the cold hit.  His legs and feet bright red, his legs aching, the tears started. We started to head back to the beach house stopping at the bottom of the cliff to put back on his pants and jogging bottoms, his crocs and his brother's jumper (he'd now decided he was too hot!)

Jumper still on, before the fall!

Jumper off - after the fall! Still smiling though!

A new warmth hit him, and he climbed the cliff with no moaning at all, counting the steps as he went.  Up to the beach house for lunch, before going to the field to play for an hour before returning home.

I love the beach house in winter.  I could sit and watch the sea when it's rough for hours, but today it was pretty calm. Another bonus about winter time at our beach is that there are very few people there. Today was no exception. Ours the only footprints on the sand.

On our return home, I was still cold and even into this evening struggled to warm up, how do these kids manage it! (though if I am honest I do remember a February half term when my parents took me and my friend over and I went in the sea for a proper swim!)

Rame Head

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What's been going on?

Okay so I've been quiet for some time.

My littlest, Worm started school in September, he loves it though hates getting up in the morning and I occasionally see snippets of him as a teenager as he tells me he doesn't want to get up and pulls the duvet back over himself!

He's doing well.

Beanie has sat and passed his 11+, so we are now waiting for conformation of his secondary school place for September.  The 'local' grammar school is in Plymouth so he will be on the bus at 7:35am, which will probably be a shock to the system.  He did very well, annoyingly so after the battles we endured to try and get him to work for his exams. The same with his music exams, Grade 2 Violin and Grade 1 Piano were both passed just before Christmas.

Monkey is just so lovely, yet struggling in so many ways at the moment.  His confidence is spiralling downwards and he seems to really struggle with the boys in his class.  Many very boisterous and not the quiet, clever, focused boys that Monkey wants!  He and Worm have started going to football on a Saturday morning, and Monkey doesn't join in until at least half way through. And yet he is so good.

Since taking redundancy 18 months ago, I have been working hard setting up Westcountry Tutors.  It was slow to start but now, I am fully booked and regularly get enquiries, some of which I've had to turn away.  That was quite hard at first but I just know I can't fit them all in.  I tutor two hours every evening and run a group 11+ session on a Saturday morning.  I love it.  I still do some supply work, but as tutoring has picked up the supply work has  dropped.  I try to do 1-2 days a week supply and mainly in primary schools. I am very fortunate that I have a good few schools that I work in regularly that are all relatively local to me.

The biggest change has been my nan. Her health has deteriorated over the last few months. Her cancer has spread to her bones and is now in her head.  At the end of October she had a turn and her house had to be broken into by the police as she was unresponsive.  We were told then that she probably had about 3 moths to live.  She has since declined, is now bed bound and even though she "still has her marbles" she is going down hill. She requires someone with her at all times and it is taking its toll on us all.  Getting care plans in place for her has been an absolute nightmare, primarily because she has family literally on her doorstep.

So things are still manic, but I am determined to get back my life and my blog. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you all again!

E. x