Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Book Review - Create Me personalised books.

I was contacted by Lisa, a fellow mum in Devon who had set up her own company creating personalised books for children. It's something that I remember very fondly- having a book all about me and my brother, as a Christmas present many years ago, and I thought my little two boys were about the right age now to appreciate something like this. So I agreed to be sent two books in return for my review, one for Monkey and one for a Worm.

The ordering process was really simple. You literally go online to the website and follow the very simple instructions. You can choose the character (girl/boy), the colour of their hair etc and the colour of their top. You can also obviously add your child's name and a personal message to them to go on the inside page.

The ordering process was very quick and easy and the books arrived in no time at all.  (We did have a problem in that the wrong book was sent out to us, with someone else's name and personal message in it but Lisa very quickly sorted this and got the correct one sent out as soon as they had realised).

The books are lovely big picture books, on glossy paper, smooth to touch and well designed.  The graphics are good as is the story.  If you have a child who is a reluctant sleeper I can see that this story might encourage them to sleep, but as all three of mine are great at going to sleep, the book didn't have this intention for me.  The story is about your little prince or princess trying to get to the land of nod, they ask different animals along the way to help. Monkey and Worm were quick to realise their names were on the front, though Worm promptly pointed out that he wasn't a prince!

We have read the story a few times together and the boys enjoy the story especially shouting the last word out at the end of the book! As an adult reading it there are some verses that rhyme beautifully and others that you feel should rhyme better than they do, I feel that this breaks the flow of the reading a bit but that being said it's a great little story about a prince/princess trying to find the Land of Nod and both my boys have loved having it read to them.  Monkey has attempted to read it himself and has got on very well but it's always at bedtime and tiredness usually gets the better of him!

Worm being Worm, has also now altered the message inside as it did say 'To Worm, Happy Christmas, love from Mummy and Daddy, Christmas 2015" he has changed the date to 2016 as 2015 is now over!! Gotta love the boy!