About Me

Hi I'm Ellie, though many of you will know me as moors-mummy!

I have been blogging on and off since 2011 on the moors-mummy blog (soon to be deleted) but have never really felt like my blog had a focus or any purpose.

So after a year of life changing events... Dartmoor Diaries has been thought up and started, in an attempt to share what living on the edge of Dartmoor with three young boys is like and more importantly how we as a family of five can use what we have around us in our every day lives.

In January 2013 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Fibromyalgia and then lost my teaching job in July 2013.
Not one to bury my head in the sand I set up Westcountry Tutors providing private tuition for pupils in and around the area.

With the prospect of not having a 'proper job', we have had to pull on the purse strings and so I am hoping this blog will follow our path as we try to become a little more money aware, grow our own veg and try to reduce our outgoings by shopping in the beautiful town that we live in - Tavistock.

So a bit about us.

Me (moors-mummy) - Ellie, 36, lover of tea, cats, dogs, beaches, Dartmoor and books!

OH (moors-daddy) - 38, Police officer, coffee drinker, shift worker

Beanie - 9, violin and piano player, Star Wars Fanatic (obsessed), loves reading, going to the beach, swimming, cubs and loves playing on the computer/wii.

Monkey -5, Is going to be a footballer!! Loves animals of any shape and size. Started big school September 2013 and still struggling to adapt to five days a week

Worm - 3, HARD WORK!  Still in nappies ("I love my nappy"!), hilariously funny, annoying, likes to wind the other two up. Cuddly, thumb sucker and loves his Cuski (comforter!)

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